Tiffany Brown F/W 23 Runway Show

Tiffany Brown F/W 23 Runway Show

Tiffany brown design regimes supreme this at NYFW season.

Photographer: Sabrina Fuchberger

Tiffany Brown Design originally Tiffany brown ltd. founded in 2008 and relaunched in 2013 started as a small luxury boutique in Atlanta, Georgia, and now is a design house with multiple showroom locations. The driving force behind the Tiffany brown designs is luxury clothing that is one-of-a-kind pieces that could not be duplicated. This season Tiffany brown reign supreme at New York fashion week Fall/ Winter 2023 at Spring studios. This season’s collection was triumphant elegance and polish bringing ready-to-wear glamour to the masses. I was lucky to get a few minutes with designer Tiffany Brown to speak to her about her newest collection and its many inspirations.

Zoey: First off Tiffany thank you so much for taking the time out and speaking to us here at The Garnette  Report. It’s we are truly grateful. I just got finished viewing your amazing line. Can please tell me the inspiration for your newest collection?

Tiffany Brown: the inspiration for this was the color gray.

What grey means wisdom (think gray hair) grey also means intellect. when you think about the color gray you also the word truth. That’s where life truly exists, life isn’t just black and white it’s also gray in the world. So I want to explore that more. I wanted to explore the texture of things and the texture of gray and how I can dress up gray in various ways. I mean when you want to wear gray for numerous occasions rather it’s brunch and you are overdressed in a gray tutu skirt. In the same way, you want to be able to wear gray to work. Or maybe even have a gray evening gown which is hard to find because usually, it’s silver and not gray, so I wanted to explore the spectrum of gray.

Photographer: Sabrina Fuchberger

Zoey: I have had the divine pleasure of watching for the last 3 seasons and the glow-up that your collection is having can tell us about the Evolution of Tiffany Brown Designs. And how’s that journey has been for you?

Tiffany Brown: It’s been great I have allowed myself to explore more and trust myself more which is so important.  I also have been exploring more men’s wear. I have a great following regarding that. I think what’s been the great part for me has been just looking deeper into the color first and just creating from that. I try not to pay attention to what the trends are right now because one of the things I strive for with my brand is you can wear the collection any season.  How I feel about this is you are going to spend a significant amount of money on my piece you are going to be able to wear it multiple times. No one is going to come up to you and says that’s a 2015 Tiffany piece maybe by color but not by style. I make apparel that you have with you forever.

Zoey: What inspired you to get into fashion?

Tiffany Brown: It was difficult. I remember being a clothing designer and everyone started with a clothing store, especially in Atlanta. and I remember I use to be frustrated because I couldn’t find the clothing I am looking for. That’s when the idea that I need to create my own and how the brand was born. I taught myself to grow. I taught myself how to sketch and it all went up from there. This season’s collection is just beginning for the Tiffany Brown Design. Tiffany Brown is known for offering timeless and various styles. With different showrooms in places such as Atlanta, Berlin, and London. Amazing and growing fan base Tiffany brown designs is one to watch for. Also, check out Tiffany Brown’s previous collections here.

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