The Unapologetic Sneaker Don Herself

The Unapologetic Sneaker Don Herself

Self-taught designer and artist Destiny is making a name for herself in the industry with her versatility through for sneaker customizations. She is here to stay and is breaking barriers in the design world!

Mastermind Behind Brand

The twenty-year-old artist is a former native to both New Jersey and Charlotte. Her specialty is painting, photography, creative direction, and many other forms of design. Her journey began after being gifted a mini easel for Christmas. This is what launched her creative journey!

From digital drawings, duct tape wallet constructions, painting on canvas to sneaker customizations her interests were steadily growing. Creating has always bee a way to channel her inner emotions.

“Fashion means finding another part of my voice through a different form of expression. It’s allowing myself to explore different styles. One thing for certain is I like to be cozy and comfortable especially down to my sneakers,” she says. 

The Process

Destiny typically uses life, interactions, and her childhood around her as inspiration. Mood boards help bring her vision to life.

“I like the fact that a pair of sneakers can bring an entire look together. I can use a pair of sneakers and build an entire look around them. I’m one to switch things up a lot so with fashion I can do that in the same sense. I dislike fast fashion. Poorly made garments don’t achieve longevity in your closet” Destiny said. 

Her Mission 

Destiny uses her craft to ignite positive conversations for the future of design. She is a firm believer that as essential as fashion is in a design aspect. The idea of working to achieve better quality and allowing people to become more appreciative of the process is the goal.

With fast fashion at an all-time rise, the idea of restoring timeless pieces at high quality should become the topic of the conversation. 

Destiny is killing the game and is here to stay!

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