The STOLEN GARMENT Fall Winter 2021

The STOLEN GARMENT Fall Winter 2021

By: Valerie Torres

The STOLEN GARMENT, a Seoul-based brand created by Jungwoo Park, launched its Fall/Winter 2021 collection as part of NYFW. Inspired by a trip to a used bookstore with his friends, Park noted the tragic words of some of the titles he saw. 

These words included: Desire, Passion, Devotion, Neophyte, Absolute Love, Delinquent, End of the World, Spirit, Upper Classman, Play Lover, Gust/Wind/Breeze. 

Jungwoo Park and his friends decided to mix up the words to create their own 90’s book titles, which then became a collage of all of the used books he bought from the bookstores. The collection is a reinterpretation of the wardrobes in these 90’s books, and are styled and created with the intention of their omission and simplification of details, along with their silhouettes that fit into the narrative of these books. Which can be seen on video.

There are moments of subtlety within the collection alongside extravagant details that may represent the simplification of emotionally complex words and concepts. The use of gray is often balanced by intricate headpieces, elaborate shoe laces, and experimental prints on pieces that are multi-textural with the use of metal.


All photos taken from CFDA Runway 360

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