The Milan Fashion Week Stylebook

The Milan Fashion Week Stylebook

Do you ever want to sit and watch shows at Milan Fashion Week? To do so, one must look the part. Milan Fashion Week begins from Feb 20-26th that highlights high fashion designer collections from established and upcoming designers. Because Milan is known as one of the fashion capitals in the world, the Garnette Report is presenting a Milan Fashion Week Stylebook! Check out our picks to look iconic and stunning during Milan Fashion Week.

Milan Fashion Week Stylebook: Shades, Hat, Coat Oh My!

Right now, Milan is experiencing showers with humidity. However, it is just an excuse to wear a fashionable long coat, with a brimmed hat, and shades! This model is wearing a tan houndstooth jacket with black cuffs to protect herself from the potential showers. Also, because the jacket has a zip-up effect, she can choose to remove it once the clouds are clear and the sun brings more humidity to the scene. Furthermore, she is presenting a brimmed fedora hat that will protect herself from the rain. Lastly, she is wearing a pair of thick round sunglasses to protect her eyes from looking up to the sun to see the architecture.

Why should you wear this to a solo show? The sunglasses will give you Anna Wintour couture, so nobody can know where you are looking. The coat and the hat will give you a mysterious atmosphere as you walk to your seat with your itinerary for the day. Check to see if these items are available in your local boutiques and stores to celebrate Milan Fashion Week!

Milan Fashion Week Stylebook: Formal is the New Causal

The formal is the new causal in our Milan Fashion Week Stylebook! This model is wearing a cotton twill amber-like tuxedo paired with a Louie Vuitton handbag and silver chunky rings. The cotton twill gives the causal sense to the tuxedos because most tuxedos are made out of polyester, wool, and rayon. Also, the model is not wearing the traditional button-up shirt underneath his bold ensemble, it is still giving us the runway theme, “Causal Model Day in Milan”.

For his accessories, the chunky silver rings gives off a punk mixed with the medieval age armour-like construction of the rings. These rings emphasize that the look is not in the traditional formal sense. Also, the Louie Vuitton handbag indicates that this model is ready to sit at a show during Fashion Week to flex his ensemble to designers who may want to style him. In addition, for these pieces, you will catch a designer’s eye and perhaps walk the catwalk that very same day. Ultimately, look for similar items at your local boutiques!

MFW Stylebook: A Handbag to Grace Your Hands

If you must go to a Milan Fashion Week show, where can you put your belongings? A handbag is an essential when it comes to going to these fashion week shows. Also, because it gives you the chance to highlight your hands and taste. This model is holding a blush pink leather and gold turn & twist closure handbag. Although MFW is celebrating Fall/Winter collections at this time, blush pink is all around seasonal color! The color will pop with any garment you have. Once you sit down in your seat, the handbag will be the main focus, perhaps even catch a model’s eye while they are walking down.

Furthermore, possessing a leather handbag indicates that you may be old-fashioned but know the impact of leather bags in the industry. Leather is one of the most durable materials that are used in the industry, especially for bags. So, you can wear this bag for a very long time, even to multiple fashion weeks! Lastly, look for leather handbags for your next shopping spree!

MFW Stylebook: The Milan Look

To finish our Milan Fashion Week Stylebook, we present to you, the Milan Look. This model has all of the elements that portray Milan during their colder seasons. From the draped headscarf to the white boots, this model is embodying the Milan spirit. The most important part of her garment is the layered light blues of her trench coat and dress underneath to protect herself from the chills of the city. Again, the emphasis of the blush pink handbag is around her waist to resemble a fanny pack. Her grey headscarf draped around her head and neck is a reference to the 1940s, a popular trend back in that decade. Overall, this look is a nod to the classic Milan look which will gives you the designer approval nod. Look for similar pieces at your local stores!

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Featured Image by Cleo Vermij on Unsplash

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