The Influence of Modern Fashion on the Life of Young People in College

The Influence of Modern Fashion on the Life of Young People in College

From the time human beings started to use clothes, fashion has never stopped evolving. In the early days of evolution, the trends were slower, but today, it’s difficult to keep up with the pace. College students are fashion-sensitive due to peer influence. 

They copy the latest fashion trends mostly from influential people in society. Because each industry develops its unique fashion style, the students cannot expressly pinpoint which fashion they should run with. Modern fashion trends affect students in many ways.

Creating a sense of identity

Students want to identify themselves with a certain style. They choose a dressing style that passes the information on where they belong. For example, a student can choose to dress the fashion of a certain music genre like hip-hop. 

When they are before other students, they identify themselves as hip-hop fans. They become acceptable by the rest of the students who take hip hop fashion as their style. The dressing code becomes their style that says who they are.  The purpose of modern fashion is to help individuals, especially young people, to express themselves freely. It invites college students to do what they want. If you, like me, do not like to constantly study, you have a better solution for writing your research papers. As for me, I pay someone to write my research paper on StudyClerk because they offer the best professional help for all my papers. I have used this online service, and it is the best option for everyone. The professional writers will help every student complete any task, and you can enjoy the moment.

They keep their fashion buying trends minimal

Modern fashion trends are evolving too fast. Before an individual settles in one style, a new one is already trending fast. Students get affected by fast-paced fashion trends. They are keen to buy what is currently trending, but they are also keen not to buy too many clothes. 

This is because the clothes might become overtaken by fashion sooner and they become invaluable. Indirectly, the fast-changing fashion trends are teaching students not to do impulse buying or to only buy what is required currently. 

Students learn to make independent choices

When children are growing up, they rely on their parents to decide the type of clothes they wear or the fashion they follow. When they join college, they become independent to choose the fashion they want. 

At first, they might be influenced by other students but it’s part of their maturity process. They finally grow and begin to make their own decisions on what fashion is best for them. They still follow closely on what is currently trending, but they are also the final decision-makers of what to choose.

Students learn the good and the bad side of fashion

Fashion helps students connect with other students with like interests. It creates strong bonds between like-minded students, which gives them a sense of confidence. Fashion also has its bad side, especially if a student doesn’t have enough money to buy every trend. It might lead to the creation of groups that police other ‘unfashionable’ students. 

Some students might not learn fast about these effects but most of them learn and adjust. They learn to sort out what is garbage and leave what is good. They learn not to be influenced by the bad side of fashion and follow what is good for the sake of their education. 

Fashion creates a unique student culture

Fashion has a major influence on the life of students. Now that they are connected through the internet and media to every culture in the world, they adapt to multiple fashions all the time. The student culture is a culture where fashion is discussed at every opportune time. 

They are influenced by popular musicians, actors, beauty queens, and politicians. Their influence upon students is so much such that some get affected in their studies. The kind of fashion you find in colleges can be entirely different from what you may find in other fields. 


In modern fashion trends, college students are the most influenced by style. They discuss every new trend during breaks, and in every opportunity they get. Fashion has both positive and negative effects among students, which have helped most of them learn the hard way. They have learned to embrace the good side of fashion and trash the bad side. In the biggest ways, fashion gives students a sense of indent among peers or like-minded groups. 

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