The Icon Line by Victoria’s Secret Features A-List Models in Campaign

Gisele Bündchen for Victoria's Secret | Photo credit: Mikael Jansson

The Icon Line by Victoria’s Secret Features A-List Models in Campaign

Victoria’s Secret has a lot to celebrate with the release of “The Icon”, their newest line, They have decided to go all out for “Icon” line and campaign. Since the line is called “Icon,” Victoria’s Secret is bringing in a couple of icons to model the designs. This campaign is filled with famous models – both current trending models and top trending models of the past. These models all have in common a connection to and love for the Victoria’s Secret brand. They are ready to show off this stylish line, while continuing to make it iconic.

Who are the Victoria’s Secret “Icons”?

Icon by Victoria's Secret model Paloma Elesser
Photo by Mikael Jansson

There are a large number of models who have decided to take part in the “Icon” campaign. Some of the most significant young models of the moment are participating in the campaign. These models include Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratjakowski, as well as Adut Akech, Aloma Elesser, and Sui He. There are highly-popular models of the past making big modeling returns with “The Icon” by Victoria’s Secret line, including Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen, Candice Swanepoel, and Adriana Lima. All of these models have made big names for themselves, and are sure to bring a lot of eyes towards “The Icon” line.

The Victoria’s Secret Icon Photoshoot

The announcement of the campaign came with a photo shoot presenting the new pieces. With styling by Camilla Nickerson and photography by Mikael Jansson, the photoshoot saw the models wearing the lingerie, bras and panties. The photo shoot was in both black-and-white and color style with silhouette shadows. The straightforward posing by the models showed off their classic glam which has made them successful. Some of the featured models will join Victoria’s Secret on The Tour, the brand’s reimagined fashion show in the fall, to show off the style they display in these photos.

What Are People Saying?

Icon by Victoria's Secret model Naomi Campbell
Photo by Mikael Jansson

Many of the models have expressed their joy on taking part in the campaign. Campbell wrote about the “Icon” campaign on her Instagram, saying, “An icon isn’t just a title; it’s the rhythm of the runway, the heartbeat of style, and the symphony of strength. It’s about embracing every stride with purpose, exuding confidence like a second skin, and leaving an indelible mark on the world’s canvas. Icons aren’t born; they’re sculpted by their journey.” Swanepoel wrote on her Instagram, “The beauty of being a woman, A delicate dance of strength and grace in all aspects of life. Excited to reveal the #icons campaign alongside these Incredible women.” All of the models seem happy about this campaign and understand the honor of being an icon.

Victoria’s Secret is very happy about the future of this campaign. Janie Schaffer, Chief Design Officer of Victoria’s Secret, explained in a press release, “We are so excited to be launching The Icon by Victoria’s Secret collection. The collection was made to enhance one’s natural shape while staying true to the supportive and seamless look that we love. It’s an exciting, elevated collection to add to your wardrobe while reinforcing that we are all icons.”

What is in The Icon by Victoria’s Secret?

The Icon by Victoria’s Secret Line will “celebrate the shape of you”. It includes a large amount of lingerie, bras and panties. In addition, the center of this whole collection is the Icon by Victoria’s Secret Push-Up Demi Bra. It has customizable shaping technology and adjustable straps. The prices begin at $18.50 for the panties, $34.95 for the lingerie, and $54.95 for the bras. The collection went on sale on August 10. The brand is going all out for this campaign, from the models to the wide collection. Considering the company’s previous success, this work will likely pay off.

Featured Photo by Mikael Jansson

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