For this SS2021, Masanaka Sakao, creative mind of the contemporary luxury brand TATRAS, is inspired by the dunes of the Moroccan desert. Through his creations, we are able to plunge into landscapes made of boundless plains and grandiose charm. We are all meant to be ultramodern travelers who are challenging our limits supported by precious garments, which are very comfortable at the same time. The main characters of this story are contemporary adventurers who dart on a quad through the sand, dressed with clothes who are protecting them from the extreme climatic conditions of the Saharian desert, such as sandstorms, burning sun and temperature changes.



Sakao thus creates a collection designed for dynamic men and women who are seeking unique garments with a modern and unconventional style. The soul of this collection is embodied by the anorak made with a long lateral zip, which can be worn from the top. It has many refined details such as the cotton ribbon, which allows the hood to be easily fixed at the neck in order to protect from the strong and warm Scirocco winds. Even the TATRAS woman is no different and loves wearing cape garments made of technical sophisticated fabrics, soft and stretch, breathable and waterproof, with grosgrain ribbons made to adjust the hood. The collection is an invitation to live an adventure among the Bedouin tents in a green oasis with water and palm trees, far away from the urban confusion. Under a sky covered with stars, our travelers are wearing parkas and field jackets dyed with natural colors with a low environmental impact and embellished with special finishes that give them a vintage look.




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