Stevenson Ranch x JBL Collaboration

Stevenson Ranch x JBL Collaboration

About Stevenson Ranch

The lifestyle apparel brand, Stevenson Ranch, is celebrating their 2-year anniversary this month. They are celebrating with limited edition products and their recent collaboration with the speaker brand JBL. A group of three friends, Foley, Mike, and Ernest all founded the Stevenson Ranch brand. The inspiration for their brand comes from their tagline “Not My First Rodeo”. This tagline really speaks to the brand’s style and you can find it on many of their products, such as their hats. Also, Stevenson Ranch values a mix of classic and modern trends and the company started in 2020 in Nashville.

About JBL

The collaboration is with the famous speaker company JBL. The company has existed for over 75 years and throughout the years has perfected the audio quality and product designs of their incredible speakers. The company values memorable moments, individuality, and self-expression; all values are represented in every unique speaker and listening experience. Also, they often partake in partnerships with talented individuals around the world in all different industries, including music, sports, gaming, and lifestyle.

Stevenson Ranch x JBL Collaboration

Finally, their limited-edition capsule collection, which is a collaboration with JBL, just released about two weeks ago, so definitely go check it out! The collection features a Stevenson Ranch x JBL Trucker Hat for $50; Crewneck for $100; Charge 4 for $179.95; and Clip 3 for $49.95. The Stevenson Ranch branch found their inspiration for this collaboration based of co-founder Foley’s utilisation of the JBL x ME platform. Soon several followers on instagram responded excitingly and the demand for the customized JBL products became same strong. Foley knew it was time to make official co-branded speakers and apparel. Thanks to Foley’s good friend, Jordan Pollak, they were able to make a reality out of this creative idea. Jordon Pollak, founder of 5280 BOND, helped to make the dream come to life through his licensing studio that focuses on co-branded collaborations and partnerships.

In sum, go check out the collaboration for the perfect holiday gifts!

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