Genny Pre-Fall 2023 Collection

Genny Pre-Fall 2023 Collection

The Collection

The Genny pre-fall 2023 collection is the perfect combination of elegance and boldness. The collection represents a “femme Parisienne” with a daywear and nightwear closet that can beautifully be mixed. The outfits of the Genny woman create bold contrasts of fabrics and textures, while also maintaining a classic look. The daywear wardrobe features blazers and jackets with an empowering vibe and perfect detailing. Also, all of the pieces offer an edge to them; single-collar tuxedos, luminescent fabrics, and chevrons with fur details. The nighttime wardrobe captures the beauty and glam of Paris at night. The brand’s inspiration for the nightwear palette is the colorful Paris Ferris wheel. Particularly, the collection focuses on neon, coral, red, green, blue, white, and nude colors. Here are some of the highlights from the collection.

Collection Highlights

First, this outfit is a great option to dress up or down and demonstrates the ability to mix and match the nightwear and daywear. The knitwear is beautiful and so classy, cozy, and sophisticated. The bottoms are bold and creative. The detailing is a true work of art and really draws out that glam of Paris nightlife.

Next, this outfit is a must-have. The top is absolutely stunning and so shimmery. The skirt balances the outfit amazingly, giving it a bold and flirty essence. To top it off, the crossbody bag is perfect for a night out in Paris or any city and is definitely a gorgeous statement piece. 

Finally, this knit dress speaks for itself. The incredible knit design and royal blue make this dress irresistible. It is very flattering, and the blue emphasizes the inspiration of the Paris Ferris wheel at night. Moreover, the matching purse pulls the outfit together to a monochrome masterpiece. The purse is simple, yet the detailed shape makes it pop. Also what is even better is this new style shows a waste strap, adding convenience to carrying a purse around. Basically, the Genny pre-fall 2023 collection really speaks for its own success in representing the “femme Parisienne”.

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