Spring 2021 Trends You Should and Should Not Buy

Spring 2021 Trends You Should and Should Not Buy

Every year there are new style trends that go in and out of fashion. You often buy items you wear twice and sit at the bottom of your closet once the season is over. Here are the stable pieces you should buy and pieces that are a waste of your money.

Should Not: Patchwork Tops

This is honestly very overdone and can look really cheap. It’s the 2021 version of those angel tops, meaning they’ll be at the bottom of your closet in two months.

Should: Mesh Tops Tops

Investing in a mesh button-down top will be worth the money. They’re extremely versatile and are great for various occasions.

Should Not: Hibiscus Print

The pattern is dated and will be gone so quickly that it’s hardly a trend,

Should: Floral Print

Every year these dresses come back so it will be worth your money. Floral always works in the spring so you can’t go wrong.

Should Not: Y2K Mini Skirts

I know it’s popular now, but it looks like something you wore in middle school and has no longevity.

Should: Satin Midi Skirts

They are chic and classic and can be styled in so many different ways.

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