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Sip and Shop With Anon Atelier

Is it just me, or has NYC been incredibly cold? I mean, I know it’s winter and all, but this is another level of freezing. Luckily, just before the holiday, I got the chance to warm up with the designers at Anon Atelier’s Sip and Shop party on Mott street. Both designers–Alexa Chapman and Jess Stone–greeted me happily with a big smile and open arms. I was so hype for the meet and greet! This New York based brand has got the goods in Ready-to-wear.

The fashion duo met in Montreal 10 years ago and finally decided they would come together to create ANON Atelier. They started in a small apartment on the Upper East Side making special pieces for friends and associates. After about a year, Chapman and Stone decided they would go all out with a full collection. SS18 is their second season and FW18 is already in the works!

Anon Atelier

Talk about essentials! This stylish team has your basics covered in the best way. This collection features raw silk jackets, stretch lambskin pants, imported Italian cashmere spun locally in NYC, asymmetrical tops, cashmere sweatpants and modal tops. Fun Fact—all the silks they use are machine washable, so no need to freak out after a long night out with friends. Just toss that silk dress into the washer and be done with it–easy. Overall, Chapman and Stone say they like to focus on fit and function. “I hated the way women’s bottoms fit in general.” Alexa says. “They are just so restricted, so we wanted to rethink the construction of our pants to create the most comfortable fit (insert actual split performed by Alexa to demonstrate comfort and mobility, lol).”

Anon Atelier

Needless to say, Anon Atelier is booming with pieces to love. Listed number one on’s Designers to Watch list this past September–these two are already ahead of the game. I am so excited to see what this pair has in store for us. We will be watching!

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