Image Via Roy G.

Roy G. recently dropped a clothing line representing psychedelic silk comfort ware. The design features different vibrant colors and patterns for both women and men to enjoy. According to Roy G.’s website, “Roy G. is the color spectrum personified. We celebrate individuality and the creative spirit. And are vibrant and playful and not afraid to stand out. We believe that comfort leads to confidence and that color makes the world a better place.”

Clothing Line Options

First, the psychedelic silk clothing line holds strong on the central message Roy G. is portraying to their customers. There are three different categories that feature silk material in slip dresses (mini too), dayjamas, and robes. The color schemes are very loud and peaceful with a combination of excitement. These include a “Smiley Tie-Dye” print featured on wide-leg silk pants, pajama tops, silk robes, silk cami, and flutter shorts.

Next, the clothing line features “Flowers” on all types of clothes just like “Smiley”. However, the “Flowers” is accompanied by “WaterColor” to portray a deep oceanic feeling for customers. Also, they have plain “Tie-Dye” patterns with several colors to choose. The color scheme and types of clothing are aimed to be universal in gender and style, therefore options are endless when shopping for yourself or others.

Additional Information on Roy G.

Roy G. is a believer in preserving the environment and what is best for the people. So, they are sponsored and partnered with Noissue Eco Packaging Alliance. Noissue guarantees for every order you make, they shall plant trees for you in areas of need, and give you access to a badge to promote your eco-goodness to your customers. You can view and purchase and order Roy G. products on their website. According to Roy G., ” Roy G. is inclusive and nonbinary. Roy G. is you and me.”

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