Shygirl’s New Music Video Is Giving “Bridgerton” Realness – And We’re Living For It

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The latest creation from the Shonda Rhimes universe of shows is Netflix’s “Bridgerton,” and it has become the world’s latest obsession.


The show’s stylings quickly became a trend on TikTok, dubbed “Regencycore,” but it was only a matter of time before the fashion landscape trend took over.


Now, British house rapper Shygirl recently released the music video for her song “Tasty,” and its styling is reminiscent of regencycore.


The video looks like something that naturally belongs in the show, packed full of pastel colors and poofy ballgowns similar to those of the 18th century.


The opening shot shows the up-and-coming rapper standing in front of a mansion and running through hedges wearing the main look —  a pastel-colored wig with a stunning powder blue ballgown, with pastel pink accents—the middle panel of the gown begins to ombre down into a pale yellow.


The camera pans out, showing Shygirl posing in a window, wearing a red wig and a heavily draped lavender dress with a dramatic neckline and diamond-shaped pleats.


Shygirl wears a tiffany blue boudoir look: a robe adorned with matching feathers before the camera cuts to her in a living room decorated in mustard tones.


In this scene, Shygirl rocks big ringlet curls in an updo with another ballgown. This one is yellow, sheer, and layered towards the bottom.


Throughout the video, Shygirl wears draped blush in many different colors and long bedazzled stiletto nails to add to the video’s over-the-top theming. The monochromatic interior design choices complemented the clothing and hair choices. This was a nice touch. These stylings and the addition of the trendy pastel colors made 18th century inspired looks modern.


“Tasty” is the type of video that could start trends, possibly a dance trend on TikTok. Given how elaborate the video is, Shygirl definitely has the potential to be a trendsetter in the coming decade.


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Shygirl’s New Music Video Is Giving “Bridgerton” Realness – And We’re Living For It