Serena Williams And Nike Unveils New Collection From The SWDC

Serena Williams And Nike Unveils New Collection From The SWDC

Courtesy of Nike

By: Bertha Solis 

Back in 2019, Nike and tennis player Serena Williams partnered up to create the very first ever Serena Williams Design Crew (SWDC). The SWDC would be an apprenticeship program that would recruit new designers from a range of backgrounds. This program would give underrepresented designers an opportunity to thrive.

Therefore, these recruited designers would then help create a new collection for Williams herself. The entire collection would be inspired by Williams’ personality and style. “When I step on the court, I definitely want to stand out. I’m Serena and I like to be different. I just like taking a chance when it comes to design,” said Williams in a statement for Nike.


Serena Williams posing for her SWDC x Nike campaign. (Courtesy of Nike)

Serena’s design crew consisted of 10 designers from diverse backgrounds. Therefore, Williams explained that “The world isn’t one color. We come from different backgrounds and think differently. When you bring all that diversity together, can you begin to imagine the amazing things that you are able to make?”

The SWDC x Nike collection will offer a whole variety of items to customers. Such as bodysuits, jumpsuits, tennis tops, footwear, and many other related athleisure wear. Besides Williams’ personal style, the designers included inspiration from the ’90s and West Africa Kente cloths. Many of the pieces in the collection include color hues such as green, orange, and red.


Female models posing in some of the pieces from the SWDC collection. (Courtesy of Nike)


Model posing for the SWDC x Nike campaign which features pieces such as the Nike tennis pants, windbreaker, and tennis top. (Courtesy of Nike)

The highly anticipated athleisure line already has an official launch date. On Sept. 1, the entire collection will be available for purchase on both the official Nike website and in-person Nike stores. The range of the items’ prices will be from $20 for tennis socks and goes all the way up to $250 for a tennis tote.


Serena Williams poses an orange jumpsuit for the SWDC x Nike collection launch. (Courtesy of Nike)

Nike announces the collection with Serena Williams and her design crew on their Instagram page. 

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