Inherent Capsule Collection Pays Homage To Steve McQueen “King Of Cool”

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By: ZaNaria Bowens

,August 19, 2021

Inherent, Men’s Luxury Suits Challenge Men’s Mental Health And Serve As “Suits Of Armor”. Inherent Tailored Suits Embody The Notion Of Men Having A Voice, First Seen Through Wardrobe.

Taylor Draper, Co CEO of Inherent Men’s Custom Designs, first began his career in tailored designs when he was faced with hardship in his marriage and was forced to ask for help and seek counseling. Rather than the typical ways for men to mask the trouble issues or get through, Draper knew there was more to address. In familiar ways, young boys are taught to handle their interpersonal issues by “walking it off” or “man up.” In an exclusive interview with The Garnette Report, Draper described his lack of situational awareness from therapy as not having the ability to speak about his feelings honestly and truthfully.

In recent years, mental health has become more common discussing topics around depression, anxiety, and self-doubt. Draper himself decided to sell his companies and completely change careers by starting Inherent during the peak of the Covid-19 era in May of 2020. President of the Foundation by Inherent, Andrew Perkett came aboard in August, creating a mental health culture by providing workshops, additional programs, and resources. The Inherent storefront is located at 123 North Tejon Street in Colorado Springs. Inherent is not a stranger to partnering with nonprofits that focus on mental health awareness and growing through confidence.

Inherent Is Set To Launch A New Collection Representing Steve McQueen “King Of Cool”

(Picture Via Pinterest) Steve McQueen Adjust His Coat In Bullitt, in San Francisco, 1968

McQueen’s strong and bold attitude drives the collection during the duration of his acting career. Emulating the style of Steve McQueen, he maintained a rich career in Hollywood and, in 1974, was the highest-paid male actor. McQueen’s upbringing was poor and truly represented “Rags To Riches”. Steve’s choice of jackets included the baracuta and bomber jackets, khaki bottoms, and accessories such as the Rolex and Tag Heuer and the signet ring with classic aviator sunglasses. Draper- “Towards the middle of November, suits, leather pieces, belts, weekender bags, totes, and shoes will be a few in the driver’s collections”.

Draper says “McQueen was very open towards the end of his career about struggling with mental health..and we are paying homage to his movie “Bullitt” introducing a leather concept.”

The designs of the capsule collection include leatherwork, a driving coat, sportscoat, knit sweater, and driving shoes. Inherent is known for incorporating the red Ferrari colors into its brand. Draper confirms that they will utilize pop colors in the soon-released collaboration.

The Boys Republic Website Will Provide Tickets For The Release At A Motorcycle And Car Show On October 2nd.

Draper deeper describes “Suits Of Armour” as being prepared for the battle of life. Coined by Draper’s favorite director Richie “Putting On A Suit is Putting On A Suit Of Armor”. Men now have access to an in-person appointment or the virtual experience. In the future of Luxury suits partnering with BEN Group Inc. & Greenlight, connecting with global brands will be in demand. Dress suits are known to be versatile in the ways you can dress them up or down. Businesses are also changing casual business standards, which incorporate luxury suits with hoodies or t-shirts and even seen with sweatpants.

Honoring Steve McQueen, fans can expect the vision of Taylor Draper’s inspired capsule designs to resemble the “Bullitt.” The 1968 Bullitt Movie starring Steve McQueen is an excitement of crime and mystery. The known “King Of Cool” and effortless casual workwear, tailored suits, and simple suits outfits continue to set trends today in 2021.

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