Right From the Heart of the Austrian Alps – BaronMerino® is Ready to Conquer The World of Business-Casual-Clothing

Right From the Heart of the Austrian Alps – BaronMerino® is Ready to Conquer The World of Business-Casual-Clothing

Creating the most high-performance business-casual clothing in the world. Austrian startup develops innovative patented Merino wool blend fabric and now seeks to finance their first clothing collection through crowdfunding. Many of us can relate to the feeling of trying to survive a busy day in the office, running from one appointment to the next, wearing clothes that are designed to look good with no consideration for how they perform in high-stress situations. Or, perhaps you are familiar with the dilemma of trying to choose what to wear when it’s cold outside and warm inside – or vice versa? What if you want to go out after work and have no time to change? “We were sick of wearing clothes that couldn’t keep up with the wearer so we set out to find a solution. Partnering with an expert fabric producer, we spent the last two years researching, developing and testing a new material for business casual clothing”, explains Markus Hörtnagl, the Founder of BaronMerino®.

Founder Markus Hoertnagl



Markus, who has spent the last 10 years working in management for an international business group, had experienced these problems first-hand and says that the breakthrough came when they discovered a unique combination of fine Merino wool blended with a high-tech synthetic material. Merino wool meets sports underwear For the first time, BaronMerino® combines Merino wool with Meryl® Skinlife – an innovative material mainly used for sports underwear. Their unique production process bonds the fibers in a way that ensures that only the soft, high-tech material comes into contact with the skin.



Retaining all the natural benefits of Merino wool while adding significant advantages: • Feels great on the skin, doesn’t scratch and is hypoallergenic. • Regulates body temperature in all weather conditions, keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. • Remains fresher longer. Both materials neutralize the bacteria that cause body odor. • Preserves and maintains the natural pH balance of the skin. • The high-tech fiber reinforces the Merino wool making it more durable and keeping it in shape longer. Even after frequent washing. • Pulls moisture away from the skin and evaporates it quickly, thereby avoiding sweating. Produced responsibly BaronMerino® fabric and the BaronMerino® Collection is produced in Austria in compliance with the highest industry standards for ethical and fair working conditions. We source our materials sustainably wherever possible and are always working to minimize our ecological footprint in any way we can. Owner: Markus Hörtnagl Burgenlandstr. 45b 6020 Innsbruck, Austria +43 699 / 12628943 media@baronmerino.com www.baronmerino.com Kickstarting our first collection The first BaronMerino® Collection features a blouse, polo shirt and t-shirt for women and a pullover, polo shirt and t-shirt for men and will be available in five popular colors. Recommended retail prices range from €85 to €127 with special discounts for early Kickstarter backers of up to 50%. They are looking to finance the production of the BaronMerino® Collection through Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding platform. Starting their 28 day Kickstarter campaign on 30th of July with a funding goal of 35,000 euros which will be used to finance the production of the fabric, as well as the manufacture and delivery of the garments. Replacement warranty “We truly believe in the quality and durability of BaronMerino® products so we are offering a no questions asked, one time replacement warranty for the first 200 backers” explains Hörtnag.

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