Proenza Schouler | Pre Spring 2022 Collection

Proenza Schouler | Pre Spring 2022 Collection

Celebrating the joy and the pleasure of dressing up again, the Proenza Schouler Pre-Spring

2022 Collection imagines what an intelligent and adult wardrobe could look like for a life post-pandemic

as many are starting to slowly reemerge into a world that is greatly changed. The

sensual and tactile pleasures of a luxury wardrobe are highlighted and celebrated as a

reprieve to the sartorial casualization of the past year while retaining much of the

effortlessness and ease we have come to know and love. Distinctive proportion play exists

throughout, with playfully feminine silhouettes grounded by notes of a traditionally masculine

bent to produce an attitude that feels nuanced and thoroughly of the moment. Knits continue to

play a starring role, this time sculpted into soft, feminine structures that lightly collapse when

worn and paired with glossy leather walking shorts and stiff rubber rain-boots that serve as a

balancing counterpoint. Duality remains a strong brand code, found in technical fabrics that

are seamed by hand with crotchet, or through artisanal lace inlaid into slick and cool-handed

matte viscose satins. Suiting is reintroduced with bonded leather lapels or rendered in soft

pastel-colored leather and paired back to matching shorts in an attempt to reconcile a moment

of simultaneously dressing up and down. Warm tones of marigold, apricot, salmon, and yellow

are balanced by cooler sky blues and bright cobalts. Neutrals continue to be important and

grounding. The collection exists in this most liminal of times where one foot remains in the

comforts of the bubble we knew while the other foot stands firmly in the unknown moment we

are now just beginning to enter.



Accessories reflect the sensibilities of the ready-to-wear and are firmly rooted in codes of

practicality and ease. Shoes, while low to the ground and comfortable, are designed with the

city streets in mind. The new rubber-soled Storm Boots are shown in two silhouettes: a stiff,

knee-length version, and a straightforward slip-on clog. Square toed shearling sandals with

padded nappa insoles round out the offer. The Dia Day Bag is introduced as a new classic and

rendered in smooth and embossed calf skin. The Tobo family expands with the introduction of

a north/south silhouette rendered in intarsia leather and spotted shearling.

The collection, although officially titled “Pre-Spring”, is unequivocally one intended for colder

weather months as it begins to deliver in October and is therefore designed with a winter

perspective in mind. The days of delivering light clothes in the middle of winter and heavy

clothes at the height of summer are behind us as the brand pivots to delivering seasonally

appropriate clothes in real time, a prescient move and a radical shift that underscores how the

Proenza Schouler woman consumes fashion, the ultimate point of reference for this and any

Proenza Schouler collection.


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