Private Policy FW20 Runway

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Continuing PRIVATE POLICY’s socio-political brand DNA, their FW20 collection aims to uncover the dark side of the American pharmaceutical industry.

Fact or Myth: the spending of significantly more on marketing than research and development; elongating old medicine patents to raise prices; and

collusion with medical insurance companies are just a few of the American pharmas’ methods to maximize profit at the expense of patients’ health.

Throughout the FW20 collection, Private Policy incorporates elements from medical industry uniforms, including lab coats, latex gloves, pen protectors,

and nurse scrubs. Private Policy seeks to bring those details to everyday clothing. Breaking the boundary of “mystic authority” that medical professionals

hold, Private Policy hopes to spark the general public’s interest in what is behind the scenes of the pharmaceutical industry and unearth facts about the

medicine people are consuming.

The graphics of the FW20 collection further reinforce this social issue with a sarcastic tone and comic expressions. These motifs include a teddy bear

running away with syringes on its back and a rabbit as a doctor on a fake medicine package. The metaphors criticize the American pharma’s profit game,

which not only leads to unfair high prices but also wastes precious time and resources for life saving medicine.

Utilizing fashion as the medium to bring awareness to the American pharmaceutical industry, Private Policy hopes to spark discussion among the youth,

which is usually overlooked, because health care issues usually peak for elders. However, if the younger generation doesn’t fight for changes now, they

will be affected later. The title “Get Well Soon” is a genuine wish for the American pharmaceutical industry, whose “sickness” needs to be cured.


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Private Policy FW20 Runway