Polyvore’s Immediate Shut Down after Ssense Acquisition.

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High-end Canadian fashion e-commerce retailer Ssense shut down Polyvore’s online operations immediately after announcing its acquisition from Verizon’s Oath, redirecting users to the Ssense home page.


The e-commerce retailer will gain access to the wide amount of data stored from previous Polyvore user accounts as well as their email addresses. Users can request to download their data until May 10th and have until May 15th to download their content until it is no longer available through account-update.polyvore.com. There’s an option for users to also have the choice to Opt Out of sharing their personal data with Ssense in this new acquisition.

Since its founding in 2007, Polyvore has been a top digital social and shopping platform that allowed users to participate in creating mood boards, plan outfits and sharing curated digital collages of their favorite fashion items. The site’s membership and worldwide traffic ranking declined in 2015 after being acquired by Yahoo for $230 million.

The announcement came as a surprise for long-time users of the curated online community fashion platform. Rather than running two separate e-Commerce platforms, Ssense sees value in redirecting Polyvore users to their site and will no longer support Polyvore apps.


Would like to hear your thoughts on the news of this buy out. Have you been longtime users of the Polyvore platform? What are your feelings? We’d love to hear them. Leave your comments below.



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