PH5’s F/W 21 Collection Features Its First CGI Model

PH5 F/W 21 AMA

PH5’s F/W 21 Collection Features Its First CGI Model

After being the first brand to dress CGI influencer, Lil Miquela and Sophia the Robot. PH5 is back at again, blending fashion and technology, introducing its first full-time CGI model and brand ambassador, AMA.

About AMA

Angry on behalf of planet Earth, she’s accepted the role of Chief Decision Scientist and has been given full reign to challenge her team and the greater fashion community in an effort to make a long-lasting impact. AMA will constantly engage and track progress in real-time with PH5 customers and followers — reporting strides and downfalls in their efforts to make better decisions for the environment; sharing BTS content of exciting new experiments from the knitwear laboratory; pushing to implement new ideas and create new opportunities on behalf of the brand. She will also share in the responsibility of targeting key companies and fellow innovators for potential product collaboration.
AMA came to exist in the summer of 2020. While there have been many triggers and warning signs of climate change over the past decade, the reclassification of NY’s climate sent a chilling ripple across the world. Our greatest minds confirmed the climate was in fact changing right before our eyes. Once the news spread across the continents, an overwhelming collective outcry of fear and despair, which combined with a near-disastrous amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide, created an explosive shockwave said to have echoed throughout the cosmos. The ricochet resulted in the fiery ball of change that is otherwise known as AMA. While she’s no savior she is pissed and armed with the confidence to stand up and call it like it is.


About the Collection

PH5’s Fall/Winter collection, called “Sinking into our Surroundings,” is an explosion of cozy pastel, plaid printed knits coupled with darker navys and olives to offset the brightness of the pastel colors that can be abrasive for some.

AMA PH5 F/W 21

AMA makes her debut at PH5 F/W 21.

PH5 F/W 21

One of the brighter pastel pieces at PH5 F/W 21.

PH5 F/W 21 AMA

AMA again at PH5 F/W 21.

“This collection has been a deeply personal journey… After being in Sydney and away from my home in New York for six months I struggled to find the energy to create. On top of that the necessity to observe safety protocol due to Covid began to build a barrier between me and the outside world, so I avoided it,” said Zoe Champion, Creative Director of PH5.

Struggling with mental health issues I became one with my bed. Slowly I embraced the comfort of my surroundings and began using my pillows to make shapes on my body which became a starting point for me and encouraged more design. It wasn’t until I connected with friends and heard about their own experiences did this notion of embracing the feeling of sinking into our surroundings feel right.”

“Fall utilizes quilting techniques and pillow-shaped padded pockets as a way to take our interiors with us — a sort of tactile crutch, or cozy armor. The distorted jacquards became a way to play with the draped shapes I was creating with blankets and are perhaps reminiscent of familial blankets or furniture, she continued.”
“For this particular season, I wanted to take all of the comforts of my interiors outside, but in a way that encouraged me to dress up and begin engaging with the outside world again. With the support of my partner Wei (Founder, PH5) I leaned into what I was experiencing and channeled that into this collection. “
“Fall is an ode to all of those who have struggled during this time in any way, and also a thank you to all of the people in the world who have communicated about their own mental health journeys.”

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