Outsiders Division: The Brand For Adults Who Never Grew Up

Outsiders Division: The Brand For Adults Who Never Grew Up

Outsiders Division, based in Barcelona, is a brand that sets itself apart through quirky aesthetics, primary colors, as well as a deluge of playfulness. The brand defines its target audience as “all adults who have not grown up yet.”

The brand’s clothing typically embodies a sense of imagination. The Outsiders Division captured its Fall/Winter 2020 collection titled “The Fantasy Department,” through a photoshoot for VEIN Magazine. The images, shot in the Desert of Tabernas in Almeria, Spain as an ode to Western films, combine its signature bold patterns and prints with vast landscapes. The brand also takes a similar approach with its Spring-Summer 2021 campaign shoot. Except, this time. the models are life-size dog plushies. The dogs wear color-blocked polos and jumpsuits against grand backgrounds to evoke a “dreamlike fantasy” – take the moon, for instance. 

Photo: JP Bonino

AW 23-24

Most recently, Outsiders Division released Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 for 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. The collection bounds a mix of zany and juvenile prints (think teddy bears and dogs). A patchwork dress made from squares of teddies, checks, stripes, as well as colorful doodles is a nostalgia trip back to childhood. This is not the only look from the collection that mixes prints. For example, a cow print jacket is wonderfully paired with ombre yellow/white pants decked in fruits. 

About Outsiders Division

David Méndez Alonso, who is from Galicia, Spain, describes himself as an “outsider.” He possessed a desire to develop a brand that celebrates “the imagination and art using emotions as a tool.” In 2012, he did just that with the creation of Outsiders Division. Today, the designer is greatly involved in his work, frequently designing, drawing, and sculpting elements for the brand’s handmade garments, and bringing back “forgotten techniques.”


Feature image: JP Bonino

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