NYFWM: Bode reflects Domestic Life in F/W 2017 Presentation

NYFWM: Bode reflects Domestic Life in F/W 2017 Presentation

To recap on New York Fashion Week: Men’s, I attended the Bode presentation where emerging menswear designer, Emily Bode, had debuted her Fall/Winter collection at Skylight Clarkson Square. Bode, is known for sourcing vintage fabrics in creating one-of-a-kind menswear pieces.


 The set was designed the way a Broadway setting would appear, in a way that was structured to look like a home. Models performed activities that we could familiarize in domestic life such as folding blankets, hanging coats, reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee, or playing instruments. Some even performing slow-paced, fluid dance movements during these activities. The collection consisted of vintage bohemian-inspired patterns and a warm color palette consisting of dusty yellows, burnt orange, and salmon pink.


When asked on the inspiration behind this collection, Bode says it came from memories of times spent with their family in Cape Cod in the summertime. The stories that their family told her of their childhood painted a picture of a domestic space and all the occurrences that occurred within that space. So she came to the idea in creating a presentation that is recognizable to anybody while also representing a time in their family’s life.

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