Your New Favorite Mask – Gift Guide?

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Simple Satch has expanded the idea of a mask into a “satch” belt bag that is designed to stash hygienic essentials (hand sanitzer and wipes) AND personal essentials such as keys, credit card, phone, etc. Masks are obviously here to stay, so this might be a perfect gift or stocking stuffer ideal! 


Sanitation wipes are easily pulled through the outside of the bag, making wiping and swiping a breeze. The bags also feature a unique zipper pocket to securely hold the wipes to keep them moist. This hands-free design makes good hygiene effortless, while reducing the risk of contamination to the interior compartment and personal belongings.


Rounding out the bag is a fashionable mask that is available in a wide variety of fashionable patterns.


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Your New Favorite Mask – Gift Guide?