Michelle Capoccello Embodies Fall

Michelle Capoccello Embodies Fall

Influencer Michelle Capoccello is killing the Instagram game. Garnering almost 100k followers, her social media presence is on the rise. With her muted color palette and refined taste, viewers flock to her page for classy European fashion inspiration—and I don’t blame them. I stumbled across her account whilst aimlessly scrolling through my explore page, and I’m happy I did. Let’s take a deep dive into her most iconic outfits.

Monochromatic Ensemble

Black headbands and “Scandinavian Blonde Hair” is effortlessly trendy this fall 2023 season. The juxtaposition of light and dark coupled with the difference in tone creates a complementary look that many are trying to achieve. Pushing back her gorgeous hair, this style also reveals her chunky gold hoops. Paired with a monochromatic black workout onsie and oversized jacket, Michelle is ready for both Pilates and a coffee date! Oh, and don’t forget the Sherpa tote bag—that adds the perfect final touch. 

Fabulous Foliage

With a post captioned “Leaf Colors”, Capoccello is adorned with stunning neutral colors that resemble the changing foliage. Different shades of brown come together to create a look that quite literally screams fall. With a baggy sweater from MumsHandMade, who famously made Ariana Grande’s pink sweater worn in her viral video singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, Michelle rocks the casually done-up look. The sleeves are twice as big as her it appears, which although sounds comical, it’s absolutely stylish. 

Luxe “Grout Fit”?

A brand new take on the Gen-Z-dubbed “grout fit”, Capoccello wows in her gray matching set. Typically an outfit that features both a gray sweatshirt and sweatpants is a negative thing, according to the youth in the year 2023, but Michelle amped up the deemed “hungover outfit” into a stylish one. From Nakd Fashion, Capoccello plays with material. Each item isn’t the typical sweatshirt fabric—it’s cozier. Moreover, instead of wearing sweatpants, she dons a maxi-skirt. Top it off with a slicked back bun and she’s set to go! Combining all things trendy, Capoccello has won fall this year. 

Featured Photo: @michelle.cll

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