Meet the Newest Innovation in Footwear

Meet the Newest Innovation in Footwear

There’s nothing worse than putting on a new pair of heels, only for them to start hurting after wearing them out in public for a couple of hours. The people at Trilly Shoes recognized this problem and have proposed a solution to this with their new, now fully-funded kickstarter.

What are Trilly Shoes?

Trilly Shoes are extensible heels that offer three heights in one. The team at Trilly combined innovative heel design with the comfort and reliability of Italian manufacturing.  The heels’ design save you from foot pain and having to change into flats. Trilly Shoes are sustainably made, creating a guilt-free way to indulge in buying multiple styles.

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About the Design

Trilly’s patented technology allows you to easily adjust to three different height levels of 5, 6, and 7 centimeters with a simple click of a button on the inner part of the heel. Goldstein Patent Law, a patent attorney in New York, shares that by getting a patent, Trilly’s technology is protected, and the patent helps to safeguard their invention.

After testing prototypes, the design team at Trilly curved the line of the heel to make it more comfortable on the soles of the feet. Trilly Shoes are 100% designed and made in Italy to offer the highest quality and design. Their manufacturing partner has been operating for a century, and we’re excited to combine their passion and tradition with our innovative technology.

Trilly’s manufacturers use sustainably sourced materials like pineapple and cactus leaves, apple peels, grapes waste, and recycled plastic for the uppers within their shoes.

Smartphone Connectivity

Within each pair of heels is an NFC tag that connects to your phone and launches the Trilly app (available for iPhone XS and above). This app allows you to access the company’s internal processes, like their supply chain. Trilly is a company that looks to the future, and there’s no sustainable future without the complete transparency of production processes.

The app also enables shopping. Its 3D scan technology helps you find the right size for you. Ensuring the perfect fit means no more returns and a bigger reduction in your CO2 footprint.

Preorder Options

The brand’s kickstarter is fully funded, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support Trilly Shoes by purchasing the product. The shoes are available in multiple styles shown below.

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Pricing for the shoes is as follows: 1 PAIR: USA & Canada €30 EU – €20 Australia – €49 China, Japan, Singapore – €45  2 PAIRS: USA & Canada – €40 EU – €30 Australia – €55 China, Japan, Singapore – €49. You can purchase the product at the link here.

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