Meet Epytom, Your Personal AI Stylist


Meet Epytom, Your Personal AI Stylist

Have you ever heard of Epytom? Neither have I, until just now. Epytom, founded in 2016, is an AI personal styling solution and a pioneer in low-cost fashion personalization. At Vanity’s Fair‘s Founders fair, it announced the first launch of the AI designed “made to order” clothing line and it will be available in July 2018.

So how does Epytom work?

Epytom founder and CEO Anastasia Sartan (middle) at Vanity Fair’s Founders Fair

It personalizes clothing pieces for you and provides “what to wear” recommendations. These results are based on your style preferences, body measurements, wardrobe insights and likes and dislikes. Epytom‘s accuracy is on average 77% and can predict which pieces will get the most wear. So instead of wasting time and money on entirely new pieces, it can unlock the maximum number of new looks without waste. It messages you outfit ideas from your wardrobe, on your schedule, for your weather and style.

Anastasia Sartan, CEO, and founder of Epytom states “We learned how to digitize our users’ fashion taste. Taste is an ephemeral thing. Most people can’t explain why they like or hate a certain look. We replace ‘why’ with ‘how.’ Instead of trying to get into a user’s head, we employ neural networks to reverse-engineer their style profile through momentary signals they send on a whim: ‘I’d totally wear this outfit!’ or ‘I’d never buy a skirt like this!’ Neural networks unlock what neither we, nor the user, can put into words.”

What makes Epytom special?

Unlike the other majority of AI design projects out there on the market, Epytom doesn’t rely on only images data but optimizes an entire apparel production. The AI is involved in every step of the process from determining a garment’s attributes to producing a 3D construct all of which is input into the system to produce the designs. Finally, you can breathe out, get dressed in seconds, win at life and work and collect compliments as you go.

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