Maisie Wilen Showcase Fall/Winter Collection at NYFW

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By: Caitlyn Garrity / Feb. 15, 2021

Maisie Wilen held her fourth showcase for New York Fashion Week virtually on Feb. 15, 2021, much like many other designers. Separated into three parts, Wilen showcased her fall/winter collection with a play on loungewear and formalwear combined together for a unique show.

The catwalk was a pond-like room where models strutted across, splashing as they walked. Transitioning from part to part, you can hear a raindrop sound to send you into the next array of looks. The audience was a background noise of chatter and commotion, bringing the virtual audience a sense of normality.

Maisie Wilen Part One: High-Tech Comfort Elegance

Wilen told VOGUE Runway that this collection focused on “outfits that can convert between quarantine and post-quarantine life.” The opening piece combined aspects of comfort, elegance and high-fashion. The beginning looks reflected muted greens and blues, giving elegance to each look.

Photo of opening piece for Maisie Wilen 's NYFW Collection
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Photo of Maisie Wilen of her Winter and Fall Collection
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If you closely view the patterns, psychedelic and geometric shapes fill some of the garments. A majority of the line reflects the 80s in a sense of the colors and the material of the clothes.

Maisie Wilen Part Two: Groovy Purples

Photo of Maisie Wilen 's collection
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Transitioning from the first part of the show, Wilen’s pieces quickly turned a page. From blues and techno print, the outfits morphed into velvety, purple pieces with elements of the 80s. The beginning piece started with a patterned oversized blazer with a groovy print, a reflection of the past. Trends show funky patterns and textured materials like silk and velvet becoming popular for fall/winter of 2021.

Photo of Maisie Wilen 's Fall/Winter Collection
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Maisie Wilen Part 3: Finale

The ending to any fashion show must bring a bang, Wilen brought the flame. With the final raindrop of the show, the ensembles shifted yet again into a new color palette. The show ended with vibrant pinks, oranges and even more unique, trendy patterns. Furthering Wilen’s vision of mending high-fashion with business and comfort. Blazers mixed with sweatsuits, the finale focused on beautiful colors of the spring, muted for fall and winter. Ending the show, the final piece was a blazer-skirt set with orange, pink and white highlights.

Photo of Maisie Wilen 's fall/winter collection
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The final walk closed out the show this year. Although through a virtual platform, Wilen was able to showcase her fall/winter collection through the reflection of the wet catwalk.


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