Lovisa Wallin and Her Fashion

Lovisa Wallin and Her Fashion

Lovisa Wallin has taken Instagram by storm with her iconic looks. Garnering 280K followers, her fashion is effortless and trendy to its core. Her neutral color palette is perfectly exemplified through her feed, with each photo resembling that of a Pinterest board. Scrolling through her feed allows to you live vicariously through it. 

Autumn Edge

This first look is perfect for an autumn afternoon walking the streets of New York City. With an oversized faux-leather jacket from Nakd Fashion, Wallin’s fit is ideal for the cooler temperatures. As the leaves change into beautiful shades of red and gold, a boot is required to feel all the fall vibes. From Twist and Tango, Wallin’s boots just barely reach the knee, giving them a modern edge. Over-the-knee boots are so 2016, and we can’t have that. Paired with a baggy wool turtleneck, Wallin exuded cozy energy. Topped off with teddy-bear nails, this “Mama Bear” is ready to take on the big city

Pink Hues

But autumn doesn’t need to be all about the neutral colors— Wallin styled this baby pink sweater dress with pointy pink bumps, adding edge to the sweet outfit. Off course, it wouldn’t be a Lovisa Wallin look without luxury: coupled with a taupe Hermes Birkin bag, Wallin upped this look entirely. With effortlessly messy hair and tiny frames, she absolutely gave us main character energy. Oh, and who can ignore the gorgeous bouquet?!

Cozy and Comfy

This look is my favorite. Perfect for a cozy day below 60 degrees, Wallin paired a stunning oversized knit sweater with classic Ugg boots. But that’s not all: Wallin gave this look extra oomph by pairing her boots with matching knit leg warmers, giving a nod to peak ’80s fashion.

Featured Photo: https://www.instagram.com/lojsanwallin/

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