Lisa F Pliner Launches “Over 40 and Loving Every Minute of It” Podcast

Lisa F Pliner Launches “Over 40 and Loving Every Minute of It” Podcast

Lisa F Pliner – Artist, Philanthropist, Shoe Designer & Mother – debuted her new podcast on Tuesday, December 15th, 2020. Entitled “Over 40 and Loving Every Minute of It”, Pliner offers an intimate, heartfelt & addictive glimpse into her world.  The podcast is a celebration of not only the many facets of this jewel of a human being, but also the world that awaits women & men when they turn 40 & progress beyond. Over 40 was once considered “mid-life” or “downhill” but, as viewers will learn during Lisa’s shows, nothing could be further from the truth.  Over 40 represents the beginning of one’s self for the bulk of our population.


“Over 40 is a time when we are sure of who we are, are sure of what we want & in many ways are finally able to live as our true selves,” says Lisa F Pliner. “I’m not Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell, I’m just me!  Believe me, I’ve had my ups & had my downs, & I’m still here, still real… & still… well, me. I hope to show others how they can live their real selves by embracing life in their 40’s & beyond, just like I have!”


Lisa F Pliner succeeds in making every episode feel like a personal party.  She talks with her guests in a warm & familiar style that disarms them & gives them the feeling that the set is a safe space. The result is some of the most real conversations in the genre.  At times hilariously funny, at times touching & sensitive, but always engaging, Pliner takes her viewers places few other hosts would ever dare.  Welcoming guests from all aspects of her life, she talks with good friends & top experts alike on topics from relationships to wellness, from fashion to life during quarantine & much, much more. She says, “it’s all about loving yourself as you get older & not being afraid to speak up & ask the question that so many may be afraid to pose.”


The result is an experience like none other. You’ll find yourself entertained, laughing, learning & in the end living a better you… with Lisa along as your new bestie. A new episode debuts every Tuesday @ 3:00 PM PST, starting on Tuesday, December 15th.


Episode 1, entitled “Fashion Icons”, features Lisa interviewing fashion designer to the stars Kevan Hall & legendary shoe designer, & Lisa’s husband, Donald J Pliner.


“Age is only a number.  As I say on my boxes, ‘It’s the sport of life. It’s just as easy to say no as it is to say yes.’ I’m like my wife, she has no age barriers whatsoever. It’s her unlimited creativity that keeps her going and going.”

Donald J Pliner, Iconic Shoe Designer


“I was thrilled to be on Lisa’s new show, she is a quintessentially chic & modern women over 40 that is living life to the fullest & loving it. Lisa’s show will amplify the fact that age is only a number & If you take care of yourself, eat well & have a positive attitude your best years can be ahead of you”.

Kevan Hall, Fashion Designer


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