Leanne Marshall’s Fall/Winter 2024 Debut

Leanne Marshall’s Fall/Winter 2024 Debut

Leanne Marshall’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection debuted in Bryant Park where she combined figure skating and fashion for New York Fashion Week. Marshall said that she holds fond memories of the ice skating park because she showcased her winning season five Project Runway collection there in 2008.

“My NYC fashion career was kind of born there some 15 years ago, and I get that same surreal magical feeling whenever I skate there now,” she said.

Model in Leanne Marshall’s Fall/Winter 2024 Collection, Photo by Leanne Marshall

Leanne Marshall’s Fall/Winter NYFW Collection

Firstly, Marshall drew inspiration from the silhouette and design of professional figure skaters’ garments. For example, the model’s garment has lightweight tulle drifting around in this photograph. Since, figure skating is part of Marshall’s hobbies, she used the materials from her ice skating outfits. Then, she added bold colors to contrast the sleek ice in the Park. To complete her vision, Marshall asked several professional ice skaters to wear her pieces and glide across the ice rink to highlight the movement and playfulness of the collection.

“My biggest purpose in designing anything is to bring a sense of joy and uplift to the wearer. We all need fun and play in our lives, now more than ever,” she said.

Furthermore, in this video, the seven diverse skaters are gliding across Bryant Park with Marshall’s designs on display. Then, from their intricate poses and athleticism, the skaters brought Marshall’s vision and hobby to life. According to Marshall, she has felt burnt out from her work and the industry because she forgot her purpose of creating her vision of fashion.

“We all need to make money to survive, but I felt so disconnected. Now, I realize it’s my purpose to create pieces and art that make people feel good. THAT is my ‘Why’,” she said.

Check out this video of Leanne Marshall’s collection in Bryant Park above! Look out for more 2024 NYFW coverage at the Garnette Report!

Featured Image by Leanne Marshall

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