Justin Bieber Is The Newest Face Of Balenciaga’s Campaign

Justin Bieber Is The Newest Face Of Balenciaga’s Campaign

Justin Bieber posing in the latest Balenciaga campaign. (Courtesy of Balenciaga)

By: Bertha Solis 

Justin Bieber is officially Balenciaga’s newest campaign star which was shown through a series of pictures through Balenciaga’s Instagram page. The singer is shown posing in front of a garage-like background. In the picture, Bieber is seen wearing a white t-shirt paired with some black sweatpants, long leather jacket, and Balenciaga labeled socks and bag. To top of the entire look, Bieber sports Balenciaga’s newly released runner sneakers which are currently valued at $1,090.


Balenciaga’s newly released, Runner Sneakers, which was seen on Justin Bieber. (Courtesy of Balenciaga)

Alongside Bieber, French actress Isabella Huppert was another familiar face seen in the latest Balenciaga campaign. Balenciaga also included several other models such as Awar Adhiero Odhiang, Anania Orgeas, Isabelle Weldon Herouard, Minttu Vesala, Litay Marcus, and many more. This shoot was made for Balenciaga’s fall 2021 campaign. The entire picture was shot by American photographer, Katy Grannan.

The bag that Bieber is carrying is known as the Neo Classic Bag called Le Cagole with the name of Balenciaga imprinted on the strap. Balenciaga also posted a short clip of Bieber on their Twitter page captioned “Justin for Balenciaga.” In the clip, there is a much more close-up of each of the key pieces featured on the singer.



The DIY Runner sneakers featured on Bieber are made of a white sneaker with several red and gray colors outlined. The top part of the shoe also includes the Balenciaga logo. Balenciaga also released other color selections of these DIY Runner sneakers.

Other than Bieber, all the other models shown in this campaign are sporting other high-quality pieces. In each picture, Balenciaga includes eye-catching touches that represent their brand. All of the pieces are set to be best suited for the upcoming fall 2021 season. The entire Balenciaga campaign can be browsed through their official website.


French actress, Isabelle Huppert posing in Balenciaga’s latest campaign that featured Justin Bieber. (Courtesy of Balenciaga)


Female model posing for Balenciaga’s Fall 2021 campaign. (Courtesy of Balenciaga)

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