Isa Boulder Re-defines Sexiness With Swim and Knitwear

Isa Boulder Re-defines Sexiness With Swim and Knitwear

Isa Boulder shows its dedication toward quality craftsmanship and sustainability. Run by Indonesian designers Cecilia “Lia” Bassari and Yuli Suri, the women have transformed what started with swimwear to also include knits. 


All Isa Boulder garments are produced and shipped from the brand’s factory in Bali. The in-house team consists of a local group of seamstresses who share a passion for embracing “individuality and personal style,” its website states. Employing traditional dyeing and printing techniques, the brand also holds specific attention to detail. Currently, Isa Boulder is hiring experienced designers to join the team, as recently advertised on its official Instagram page.

About The Brand

The brand, which has garnered attention from stars including Normani and Solange, launched shortly after Bassari graduated from Central Saint Martins. She met Suri through a mutual friend, and the two hired a team of recently laid-off seamstresses in their town to help bring their creative visions to life. Suri and Bassari have described their swimsuits as “awkwardly sexy” with the design to make the wearer feel good about themselves, rather than appeal to the male gaze.

The designers told Flaunt, they hope to avoid being labeled as a “swimwear” or “knitwear” brand. So as not to limit their technical capabilities. The pair emphasizes the importance of allowing enough time and space for their seamstresses to perfect their craft. At the start, Isa Boulder largely remained bespoke, though it has since produced several ready-to-wear collections. With that, Suri and Bassari remain true to ethical craftsmanship, using recycled and handmade fabrics with traditional design methods.

Currently, Isa Boulder offers several swimwear garments available for purchase on its site, with more knits coming soon. Buyers may still fill out an online form for bespoke and sizing requests.

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