Introducing the Cynthia Rowley Sweater Blanket

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If you missed the 2008 infomercials, a “Snuggie” is essentially a cross between a sweater and a blanket. We almost called it the Swanket, but more fittingly we coined it the Snuggle. Whatever you want to call it, the sleeved blanket has always been associated with functionality and coziness. Thanks to the New York City designer, for the first time it is actually fashionable as well.
The magic of Cynthia Rowley’s Snuggle is in the fabric. Cynthia Rowley has upgraded the product from fleece to cashmere and merino. According to some, it feels like wearing a hug in two chic colors: light pink and camel.
Like the original sensation, wearers are able to stay cozy and have their hands free. This makes it a work from home must have. However this garment is made for gals on an adventure, even if the adventures are in the house this year. We may all be cuddled up at home now, but whenever you are able to take off again, the Snuggle will be with you. You can call it the “perfect travel companion.”

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Introducing the Cynthia Rowley Sweater Blanket