Interview with Z-Crave CEO and Fashion Designer Hila Zigdon


Interview with Z-Crave CEO and Fashion Designer Hila Zigdon

Photo By Hila Zigdon

Since 2018, Hila Zigdon has made enormous strides in helping to build her brand “Z-Crave.” If there is one thing you should know about Zigdon it is that art is her passion. Through her love of art she has designed some of the hottest clothing items that you can purchase from Z-Crave. What was once strictly an e-retailer, Z-Crave now has a store open in Madison, New York. Read on, to hear about Zigdon’s journey, her love for designing, and bringing Z-Crave to life. 

How did you discover your love for fashion?

I’m actually not into fashion. I like art. I like to create, I like to design, this is what I really like. You can design sculptures, you can design like you can do a painting, and you can design a website. And just like this, you can design clothes.

How long has Z-Crave been around?

Z-Crave was established in 2018. We’ve been doing only online for the first three and a half years. We used to have a warehouse in New Jersey, and we’ve been working like any other online business. And then we just moved to having an actual store last February.

How did you choose the name Z-Crave?

So, Z is actually the first character of my family name and crave is about the crave for something. It’s about craving for something; I’m craving for a dress. I’m craving for something that I cannot afford and that the meaning and the slogan, the tagline under this brand name. It is that crave for what you can have. 

How would you describe the type of fashion Z-Crave is?

Luxury. As you can see on the website or if you go to our store, you can see the quality. On the first day we thought about quality. Quality is the first thing that we take care of, that’s first. Secondly, I’m trying to do other stuff than everyone else.

How does it feel to have opened a store and be able to have customers come in and see your clothing?

This is amazing. Like the first line, it was really, really cool and getting different clients to come in the actual store. We were building and a client asked if she could come in for a second and just have a look. We were like come in and she felt like our clients that were 20 something or older. With COVID and everything I feel like people want to go out, people want to try clothes on, people want to see the materials. People want to see it you know. I feel that we did something really, really amazing for the brand when we opened this year.

What made you choose to open on Madison Avenue?

I was looking for a statement and luxury locations on one hand but on the other hand, I was looking for a place that wouldn’t be too crowded. I wanted to open slowly now and then next year we are looking to open another store, like I really like SoHo. But Madison Avenue was the best for us in terms of analytics we did, like where most of our clients are from.  

What would you say are some of the must have items from Z-Crave right now?

Our must have is definitely the F3TISH Pan Suit. This was our number one bestseller last year, so we actually developed on it and on the new collection we are releasing. We just took all the art that we had on the suit, and we developed it to regular work. So, we have the F3TISH and we have seven new dresses which is also amazing. Also, the black blazer dress. It feels to me that blazer dress fits everyone, I think 20-year-old women can wear it and 55- or 60-year-olds.

Photo By Z-Crave

Where would you like to see Z-Crave evolve in the future?

A men’s line in the future that is made with linen fabric, very high-quality linen. That is what we are focusing on. I don’t believe that people need to pay hundreds of dollars for a T-shirt. So, we are focusing on the wider picture, the retail side. 

What would you say is next for Z-Crave?

I am going to move to lecturing people and in 2023 we’re planning on opening another three locations. The assumption is Miami, Los Angeles, and another branch in New York. 

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

My inspiration comes from art, my ambition comes from my boy and my lift is my boyfriend. Love them. 

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