6 Outfits That Are Suitable For Any Special Occasion

6 Outfits That Are Suitable For Any Special Occasion

Some people like to plan ahead for special occasions. They buy the perfect outfit, get their hair cut and styled, and make reservations months in advance. But there are other people who don’t really care about the occasion, they just want something appropriate to wear without having to think too hard about it. If that sounds like you, then this article is for you! Here are six outfits that will work no matter what event you’re attending or hosting. Maybe one of these will be your new go-to look! 

1. Casual Elegance or Casual Dressy

The key to looking stylish while still remaining casual is to opt for pieces that are just elevated enough. This outfit features a relaxed-fit tank top paired with some flattering wide-leg pants, but the addition of heels and an eye-catching bag make this look appropriate for activities all day long. You can go from brunch to the beach by swapping out your sandals for sneakers, or swap in some dressier earrings if you want to be more formal. The most important thing is to choose one detail that will make your outfit look more considered, in this case, it’s right at the hemline!

When you want something a little more dressed up than the everyday norm but you don’t feel like going full-on formal for this particular occasion, opt for some casual dressiness. For these types of outfits, we like to think that less is more, and that’s why white party dresses can be perfect for these instances! These pieces can definitely be worn alone and still work for whatever occasion you’re headed to, but the simple addition of a statement necklace elevates this look to something special. Complement your outfit with some bright hoop earrings and bold lipstick for an effortlessly chic outfit.

2. Sunday Best

This is another great solution when you’re not sure what type of event you’re attending. Pairing a pencil skirt with distressed denim and tall boots is an easy way to dress for brunch, shopping on the weekend or even church. And you can’t go wrong with basic black! A white button-down shirt will be versatile enough for whatever comes up during your day. If it turns out that you are having lunch at your boss’s house, simply swap in some neutral pumps instead of the ankle-strap heels you wore to church, throw on a blazer, and voila! You are now appropriately dressed for Sunday best!

Sunday best is a great option when you don’t want to dress up too much but still want to look a little more dressed up. The most important thing with this outfit is the simplicity of it all, and that’s what makes it work. You can wear just about any color underneath your skirt, and you can wear most colors of shoes too. When going for Sunday best, think less is more!

3. The Party Animal

Do you have the most exciting life ever? Sometimes it feels like all anyone wants you to do where shoes off and stay home while they go to parties without you. Well, screw that! You love to party and you can dress appropriately without compromising too much of your comfort. Jeans are always appropriate, especially when they are paired with a pair of heels or fun sandals, but having one solid color in the mix makes them more interesting. A lace tee is easy to wear no matter how rowdy the after-party gets. Throw on a leather jacket and an eye-catching necklace to make this outfit special and you’re ready to get your next party started! The party animal outfit is always a good choice when you want to look fashionable but also cool and laid back. 

This outfit is perfect for any occasion, especially one that involves partying. One of the best things about the party animal outfit is that it can be worn with just about anything. The outfit itself doesn’t really have to change, just your accessories will need to change out depending on where you’re headed. If you’re heading to brunch after getting some work done, try swapping in some flats instead of heels, or if you’re heading to an after-party, swap your work blazer for a leather jacket!

4. Make It Work

Sometimes we need to make it work because we have no other choice. Whether it’s because you have an important meeting at work or a big event coming up soon, sometimes life gets in the way and there’s nothing you can do but make do until things settle down again. In these cases, try pairing a blazer with your favorite pair of jeans. Just make sure the blazer is fitted, not oversized like this one! Tucking in your tee will make you feel pulled together and polished if necessary. And don’t forget to accessorize! A small scarf or statement necklace can be all you need to make it work. Throw on some statement jewelry and you’re ready!

5. The No-Fail Look

Don’t want to think too hard about what you’re wearing? Look no further than this simple outfit that will never let you down. A patterned blouse with some tailored pants will see you through any occasion or event comfortably, just add heels! You also won’t have to worry about wearing exactly the right accessories because they practically pick themselves here, just start with sparkly gold jewelry and carry a sleek black bag that works with everything. And of course, don your favorite pair of dark-rimmed glasses and you’re ready to go!

The no-fail outfit is meant for those days when you just can’t be bothered with thinking too hard about what you’re going to wear. The only thing that changes with this outfit is the accessories, but even then it’s easy peasy. One of the best things about this outfit is that it’s always appropriate. If you find yourself wearing this outfit on a daily basis, just add some different accessories and change up your shoes!

6. The Showstopper

Sometimes you need an outfit that is more than appropriate, you need one that makes a statement. If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to look fabulous while staying comfortable and cool in the summer heat! Pair some classic jewelry with a bright crop top and you’ll be looking hot for all of your special occasions or events without too much effort on your part. Don’t forget to add some fun extras like sunglasses and platform shoes to take this outfit over the top!

No matter the occasion, there are always outfits that will work for you. Whether it’s a big event or just an average day at work, these 6 outfit ideas should have something to suit your needs without being too formal or casual.  If you need help choosing which of these looks would be best for your next special occasion, feel free to reach out!

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