Indie Source: Providing Success to Entrepreneurs Building an Apparel Brand

Indie Source: Providing Success to Entrepreneurs Building an Apparel Brand


Entrepreneurs who set out to build an apparel brand rarely get to tell a success story, but Indie Source is changing that. As a full packing clothing manufacturer, Indie Source knows what it takes to survive and thrive in today’s competitive retail landscape and helps their clients through product development, brand marketing, and production. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, they provide fashion entrepreneurs with every service needed to launch a successful apparel brand and build an engaged following.

Indie Source works with clients to pull their product vision out of their head and turn it into a garment that has been expertly designed, constructed, produced, marketed, and shared with the world.


The process works like this:


Development Kickoff Meeting: The designer meets with a Brand Consultant who will help set up financial targets, material and fit details and provide a project quote.


Sourcing Materials: The designer’s Project Manager sources the best materials at the best price to hit the target price points.


Pattern Making: Indie Source’s team of pattern makers create patterns for each of the styles, using the latest software. The patterns are the designer’s to keep, and can be used at any factory, worldwide.


Sample Making: The fun part of seeing ideas turn into reality. Each is hand cut and sewn.


Revisions: Any alterations that are needed for the samples. While other manufacturers may go through an average of five, Indie Source gets the job done in an average of one to two revisions.


Production Transition: Once samples are approved, it’s time for pre-production!


Website development and Ecommerce photography: Creating quality digital assets so that the product stands out to customers.


Growth Marketing: Ensuring the brand has an engaged audience eager to see the product when it launches!



Most importantly, Indie Source offers their brands a true partnership built on mutual growth, resource sharing, and industry support

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