ICONIC GAL: Shopping and Living in Style

ICONIC GAL: Shopping and Living in Style

Iconic Gal

Cover Photo: Model/Lily Hernandez and Photography by Daisy Ponce

Written by Celeste Alyssa Gomez

December 07, 2020

“Every Gal deserves to feel ICONIC,” what a powerful statement that is. This comes from the inspiring and fashionable owner named Lily Hernandez. She is the owner of a brand known as Iconic Gal. This is a brand that focuses on uplifting women and allowing them to feel like themselves. The vibes for fashion are grown and chic. I had the amazing opportunity to sit down and interview Lily herself. She had lots of great energy. Moreover, she takes us through the journey the brand has experienced. Please give this brand a follow on Instagram/@shopiconicgal within the interview these were the questions asked:

What makes someone an Iconic Gal, where does the name come from?

Iconic Gal is a confident woman who determines her own rule of style. This meaning is more than just fashion, it’s a way of life. I’ve always really liked the word iconic as well as the word gal and the meaning of iconic is to resemble an icon. An iconic gal is really however you perceive it to be whether that’s within fashion, a way of living, or something you do. When you move around confidently in what you do or how you dress, people catch on to that and people admire you, which means you’re an icon in your own way. To be an Iconic Gal is not to be a certain way, but to be your own to create your own style and to do it confidently.”

Source: Photography by Daisy Ponce (Photos 1 and 2) and Lily Hernandez (3)

Models: Jasmine (1), Marissa Contreras (2), and Skylynn Piña (3)

Where do you see your brand going?

“My main goal for Iconic Gal is to expand online and to eventually have a warehouse where I can ship out all my orders. I’ve had two pop-ups so far and both were very successful. I’ve had people ask if I’m looking to open up a storefront. I’m not too sure about that yet. I like the idea of being an online store and popping up in different locations to give people chances to see the clothes first hand and to experience an ICONIC GAL POP UP. I really had fun doing my Hawaii pop-up a few weeks ago. I was able to provide Kauai with a lot of cute clothes for an affordable price. It felt really good having girls come and talk to me and tell me how much they liked my clothes. They expressed how hard it was to find cute clothes on their island especially for an affordable price so that really opened my eyes as to how every state or location might not have access to certain resources. I am also considering expanding to a men’s line. When I first started iconic gal many of my friends and family were asking when I was going to have an iconic guy. After these past months and pop-ups, I’ve seen much more interest in opening up a men’s line from customers and people around me.”

Source: Iconic Gal Hawaii Pop-Up/Owner Lily Hernandez and boyfriend, Nicholas Penzetta

What have been your biggest accomplishments and struggles this year?

“All of my biggest accomplishments have at one point been my biggest struggles. I want to say the biggest thing I’ve overcome since starting Iconic Gal is undergoing new ownership. I first started the brand with a partner and it was a very hard decision, but I made the decision to buy out my partner. It was the best decision for both of us and for the business as well as the biggest struggle. I took a financial hit so early on in starting a small business which was hard, but I tried my best to not focus on the negative and see the positive. Although I took the financial hit it also benefited me in plenty of other ways so I bounced back and had my first pop-up shop in October which was a success. I invited other small businesses to join me and everyone was very happy with the outcome. It was rewarding to see how everyone else did as well as Iconic Gal. With COVID-19, I also struggled because first I wanted to buy clothes, but everything shut down. I had to buy clothes online which can be risky because you’re hoping to buy what you get. That alone was a struggle, but gave me the opportunity to reach out to vendors and understand the process more.”

Well, that was the interview, and it was a pleasure speaking to Lily about her business. Starting something is definitely not easy, and she had a lot of inspiring words to say that we can reflect on. Everyone’s journey has bumps in the road, but Lily truly resembles what an Iconic Gal is all about. So again, please go support and follow her brand on Instagram/@shopiconicgal remember to support small businesses especially during this holiday season!!

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