How To Ignite Your Inner Beauty With The Fierce Queen and Fashion Model Geneva Rose

How To Ignite Your Inner Beauty With The Fierce Queen and Fashion Model Geneva Rose

Fashion model Geneva Rose is inspired to create imaginative narratives through modeling. She aims to illustrate images of acceptance and authenticity. While other people may think it’s easy to be a model in the industry, she refutes this point. 

Geneva makes it clear that being a fashion model is more than just having a pretty face . She feels as though more creativity goes into it than just that.

However, she didn’t always have the courage she has now, because she was pretty shy. 

But as you can see this didn’t stop her from flourishing!

“I’ve always been a picture person, I feel like a picture can say so much so it only makes sense to model. I’m quite shy though and never really had the courage to” she said.

It was her peers that pushed her to start taking pictures. 

About The Photogenic Rebel

Geneva resides in the city that never sleeps. She views establishing a sense of solidarity with others like herself to be a step up towards shifting today’s competitive culture.

With the help of her friends and confidence, Geneva utilizes her versatile style to elevate other creatives.

As she would say, “You don’t have to be born with it.” It’s fair to say that Geneva is a walking fashionista who is in touch with her craft and getting others to believe they matter. 

“I think to be an aspiring fashion model is to be free and confident. I think you just have to be open to trying new things and working with new people. Stay persistent and determined with your work” she said.

Her Purpose

Geneva is a firm believer that models today lack a vast majority of creative freedom and that the photographer’s vision is the only thing that matters to create the perfect image. 

“I love how more people are being more inclusive, being more body positive and we’re able to see different kinds of people in the industry now,” she said. 

Geneva is creating a new era for future models, one which teaches individuals to embrace being unapologetic in their skin. 

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