The Hottest Spring and Summer Trends for Your Wardrobe Are Handmade

The Hottest Spring and Summer Trends for Your Wardrobe Are Handmade

Ever wonder how you can add world-inspired staples to your closet without the travel price tag? Look to The Fox and the Mermaid for bohemian-inspired clothing, accessories and household goods that are a mix of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces made with vintage textiles and hand block printed fabrics made using 2000 year-old artisan techniques with little to no carbon footprint.

The culturally diverse brand focuses mainly on textiles from India and Guatemala. According to The Fox and the Mermaid founder, Brianna Bruderlin, all products have a unique history and a meaningful connection to the past which in turn makes them so much more than just another bag or dress, they are timeless, forever pieces with a soul.



From Guatemala, indulge in hand-woven bags and accessories created by Mayan artisans on backstrap looms. From India, the brand offers clothing and accessories that have been hand block printed with vibrant, natural pigments made from fruit, plants, bark, vegetables and leaves rather than harsh chemicals. The brand also features a range of clothing and accessories made with antique tribal textiles and re-purposed vintage silk sarees.


Creations are a mix of ethically-sourced textiles from around the globe and custom-made bohemian clothing and accessories designed by Brianna in Venice, California.


Artisan Embroidered Straps – For the items you use everyday, add a pop of color as you cherish the character of these hand-woven leather or vegan leather straps for handbags, backpacks, guitars and cameras. These fair trade pieces come from the artisans of Guatemala and no two are the same.


The Aahana Collection – Experience beautiful, soft Indian cotton with prints made using carved wood blocks that have been dipped in natural pigments and hand stamped onto the fabric. If you love sustainable clothing, this collection leaves a light carbon footprint you’ll appreciate. For fans of couture fashion, these dresses are made by highly skilled artisans who pass the trade down from generation to generation.


The Indah Collection – Made in Bali, this collection boasts the easy, breezy bohemian styles your summer wardrobe needs. Trendy pieces include dresses, skirts, crop tops, jumpsuits and kimonos. (Note, these fabrics are not hand printed.)

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