A Hodgepodge some of the most under Highlighted Crimes w/receipts

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These past few weeks have been really heavy, and I don’t just mean the usual suspects ie; white on black crime, and body shaming. I mean that straight from your dad’s jeans pocket while he’s asleep stealing. But in a totally 2017 reverse Robin hood-Kardashian-Jenner style type of way. (Happy fathers day to all the dad’s BTW.) From Khloe AND Kylie being highlighted for stealing the designs of streetwear brands (Plugged NYC & Destiney Bleu) and using them (with minimal variation, like very minimal) in their collections to Prison Bae (supremely hot mugshot guy, Jeremy Meeks) walking the Phillip Plein (who apparently plagiarized Alexander Wang’s runway show) fresh out of prison. Everyone is turning out their best iterations of Adidas NMD’S (those comfy knitted sock trainers), that Gucci cruise collection with the all black casting and that one look that seemed thoughtful at the time is just coming across as the exact same jacket that Dapper Dan (read this New Yorker write-up about him) designed and tailored of course sans respectful recognition. HEAVY am I right..?

Twitter Images


Twitter Images



(Prison Bae- Google Images)


(Dapper Dan LV Coat -Google Images)


(Gucci cruise – The NY Times)



In other news, we’re loving this SS18 Neil Barrett right now. Its super clean and minimal in all the right ways.








P.s. A special shoutout to the real heroes of this story who kept receipts and exposed the frauds. Plugged NYC (for being the actual Pablo), Destiney Bleu, Alexander Wang, Adidas, Dapper Dan, and Jeremy Meeks (we’ve missed you.)


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Street Style Saturdays June 17th, 2017
A Hodgepodge some of the most under Highlighted Crimes w/receipts