HIROMI ASAI Brings Kimono’s To Another Level

HIROMI ASAI Brings Kimono’s To Another Level

Model: Ricky Estrella

Photographer: Pauline St. Denis


HIROMI ASAI is a woman to watch in the world of modern menswear fashion design. Tokyo born, now living in U.S. is on a mission to save and revitalize the art of the kimono. She wants to bring the kimono into the modern fashion luxury world. The kimono has existed for thousands of years. The craftsmen and women who create these fabrics are aging out.The kimono went from everyday dress to wearing  a costume for special occasions


Asai would like to see the fabrics as universal form of haute couture. We were introduced to her lean sophisticated designs by Bayr Ubushi of Flying Solo in Soho. He is a great admirer of her mens collections. I was impressed by the exquisite tailoring and sumptuous fabrics. Hiromi Asai believes the essence of the kimono is in “textile, not “form’. She believes she can revive the art and essence of traditional artisans into stylish luxury driven modern designs. I was inspired by the quality look and feel of these dynamic pieces. She with her skilled Japanese craftsman and the fashion fluid can save this incredible art and revitalize the artists who hand create the fabrics she incorporates into her menswear collections.


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