Go Green On Your Next Shopping Spree

Go Green On Your Next Shopping Spree

Earth Day is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to highlight some of the most eco-friendly brands in the fashion industry.

On April 22, we celebrate all the beauty the Earth has to offer. Clothing production can take a toll on the environment, from factory gases to packaging waste, and more. However, many companies focus on reducing their carbon footprint through environmentally responsible practices.

So, let’s look at how some of fashion’s eco-friendly brands care for our planet!

According to the Reformation website, they focus on putting sustainability at the core of every practice. The brand clearly states their investments in green building infrastructure, to reduce waste, water, and energy usage. On the Reformation Sustainability page, Quarterly sustainability reports are also sent to their loyal customers, so the brand can be held accountable for their practices. The big goal for the brand is to source 100% of its fabrics from recycled, regenerative, or renewable materials by 2025. And if all of this information isn’t enough to convince you to shop Reformation, they even have a quirky slogan on their site: “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2.”

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The Patagonia website is full of information about their eco-friendly production and activism efforts. For example, statistics are included, tracking their impact and changes made over time to help the environment, one of which states, “99% of the products in our Spring 2024 line are made with some preferred material input, which includes recycled materials.” The brand also shares its involvement in several programs, designed by Patagonia, in sectors such as social responsibility for ethical working conditions, materials, and environmental programs for clothing production, as well as where they do business and who their suppliers are.

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VEJA shoes cost significantly more to manufacture than most other brands that manufacture in East Asia, due to an emphasis on fair trade policies and raw material usage, according to the VEJA website. As its website states, this brand holds itself and its suppliers accountable, “As of October 2021, our material suppliers must submit a test report specifying that their products do not contain the most commonly used hazardous chemicals in the fashion industry.” This brand values going directly to the source in creating an ethical approach to production while supplying consumers with high-quality, reasonably-priced sneakers.

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Amour Vert
Amour Vert is an incredibly sustainable brand, from their exclusive use of recycled and compostable packaging to their Tees for Trees program where one tree is planted in North America for every tee purchased. There are multiple ways to shop for eco-friendly fashion with this company. per the Amour Vert website, “We believe the future of fashion is circular. We use deadstock fabric, plant trees with American Forests, and sell pre-loved clothing through our resale marketplace, ReAmour.” Check out Amour Vert today and start your sustainable shopping journey.

Stella McCartney
When it comes to high-fashion brands, environmentally friendly products are not always as accessible; however, this is not the case with Stella McCartney. According to the Stella McCartney website, this vegetarian company does not use any leather, feathers, skins, or fur materials, and practices healthy manufacturing for pieces, like denim, to protect workers from harmful chemicals and diseases. Stella McCartney is a pioneer in eco-friendly fashion, and her dedication to running a sustainable brand can be seen in their goals which state, “Our sustainability vision is guided by our bold values – making every action count, inspiring trust and celebrating life. We are change agents; we are activists.”

Add some eco-friendly pieces to your wardrobe this season. Remember, fashion can be sustainable and stylish at the same time!

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