Give the Gift of Hollywood Glam this Year

Give the Gift of Hollywood Glam this Year

With this week’s theater release of “The House of Gucci”, the most anticipated fashion movie in literally a decade or more, it’s undoubtedly going to be all fashion junkies talk about for the next few weeks. Noted vintage fashion impresario, Vivian Kelly, believes that there is no reason to not let the movie inspire your gift giving this holiday season, in fact, given that movie theaters are once again open & binge-watching Netflix has become a near national obsession, she sees Hollywood as influencing far more than only what we watch this season.  Vivian has put together her “Hollywood Glam Gift Guide” for those fashionable film mavens amongst us that want to let our passion guide our buying decisions for those special people on our shopping list.

Given all the “gaga” over the House of Gucci, let’s start there! 

The list of Hollywood icons that were obsessed with Gucci reads like a Beverly Hills phonebook, but two of the most iconic celebrity fanatics of the interlocked G’s are Sophia Loren & Liz Taylor, both of whom were seen in the Italian fashion house’s collection nearly daily.

For a true fashion collector, the ultimate Gucci bag is any style with a bamboo handle, which was the trademark of the house for decades & is a sign of a discriminating collector.  Here, Vivian recommends a bag currently for sale on TheRealReal, a Bamboo Shopper Boston Bag, for $925.00.  But, there are many, many Gucci bags for sale on the site from baguettes to hobo bags… Vivian adds, “Pick any!  How can you go wrong with a Gucci bag?”

Actress turned Princess, Grace Kelly, was the very embodiment of Hollywood & real-life royalty. Her style is synonymous with classic & one of her most iconic style go-to looks is the scarf, both on & off the silver screen.  Pictured below is Miss Grace getting ready to dash off in a convertible roadster with her hair kept perfectly coiffed with a headscarf wrapped seemingly effortlessly as only she can.

The other Miss Kelly in this story, Vivian Kelly, says that it’s not only Grace Kelly who can look so stylish in a scarf worn in a variety of ways, but you can too.  Her current favorite scarf designer is Rory Worby of Rory Worby Studio, who hand paints & finishes every scarf, Caftan, Kimono & Pillow in her collection & the outcome is something akin to fine art. Choose any one of the pieces from the Rory Worby collection to give as a gift that will never be forgotten.  Pictured below is the “Lemon Tossed Floral” scarf from Rory Worby, $375.00.

From Grace Kelly, Vivian turns to Audrey Hepburn, arguably the most iconic Hollywood style icons to ever grace the stratosphere. Audrey Hepburn continues to allure & intrigue as much today as the day she first appeared on the silver screen in 1948’s “Dutch in Seven Lessons”. Her allure & intrigue is the very thing that inspired designer Deborah Sawaf of Thalé Blanc to create her Audrey Bag. Deborah, who is friends with Audrey Hepburn’s son, was staying in the Hollywood legend’s Italian villa & felt an overwhelming presence, which lead her to wake up in the morning & sketch a bag.  She showed the sketch to Sean, Audrey’s son, who said his mom would be honored & suggested that Deborah name the bag for his late mother. Thus, the Audrey Bag was born.

Vivian suggests going classic with the Audrey Satchel in Matte Black (pictured below), but says there’s a wide variety to options available in colors & details on the Thalé Blanc site:

Jennifer Beals made silver screen history in the 1983 film “Flashdance” when she danced her way into America’s collective heart. Perhaps one of the most memorable Hollywood outfits to ever grace the silver screen was the sweatshirt, worn slightly off the shoulder of the starlet herself… “Oh what a feeling” it gave us all.

Vivian chose an updated version of the iconic sweatshirt from nuhü division, which sustainably sources their collection from organic cottons, dyed with earth-friendly dyes & has a zero plastic policy company wide.  Get your own version of Jennifer Beals’ famous wardrobe, perhaps in a bright color, or stick to the true to scene gray at, with the Cross Body Back Sweatshirt, available in 8 colors for $175.00.

Men aren’t immune to being bitten by the Hollywood glamour bug either. Vivian called out Hugh Heffner as being the quintessential king of Hollywood glam & as the gatekeeper of the guestlist to the Playboy mansion, he arguably the ruler of the most sought after “mancave” on the planet! The “Heff” was rarely seen not wearing his maroon silk velvet smoking jacket, over his black silk pajamas & his velvet slippers.

Vivian picks a pair of bespoke slippers from the legendary custom atelier Stubbs & Wootton to get the look… & you can still get them in time for the holidays.

Want a more economical way to embrace Heffner’s mancave vibe?  How about this scented candle “Mancave” by Black-owned, mother-daughter business, Shaun Leon Bath & Body.

Finally, when Richard Gere graced the screen, it was always a fashion moment!  From Officer & A Gentleman to Pretty Woman & every title in between, he was always dressed to impress. Add to the mix his then wife, Cindy Crawford, & there simply were no words… vintage fashion guru Vivian Kelly believes, like so many other women, a man’s shoes are a looking glass into a man’s personal story. Gere became nearly synonymous with the Tod’s Driving Shoe, which the legendary Italian design house has been producing for more years than even Vivian’s vintage knowledge can recall.

Here, is the classic “Gommino Driving Shoe” in Brown leather for $745.00 that will ultimately prove worth every penny in both style points & comfort.  There are versions for men & women on their site… but be warned, these, as Vivian says, “will be the start of a lifetime love affair with style & comfort.”

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