GFC Day 1: 2024 NYFW Runway Shows

GFC Day 1: 2024 NYFW Runway Shows

On Day 1 2024 NYFW, Global Fashion Collective presents four runway shows that took center stage at Chelsea Industrial.The four runway shows include designers and brands such as [UNUSUAL], Fair Enough, Get Some Sleep, and Stef Mouchie. Global Fashion Collective is an inclusive platform for designers to cultivate new diverse ideas in the fashion industry. For New York Fashion Week, the Collective is using their platform to showcase these shows!

[UNUSUAL] Runway Show

{UNUSUAL} is one of the latest brands to let their collections walk the New York Fashion Week stage. In their show, they decided explore the culture of war through his designs. According to the brand, they wanted to create a collection that explores migration and cultural exchange in the current times. Then, the motifs of his collection are the crossed masks on the models’ faces to portray the theme of war. Also, the designs of the garments are inspired by cultures worldwide by fusing traditional and contemporary styles. Throughout the show, the brand provided audiences a new perspective on how fashion is used to showcase global cultures in their narrative. Therefore, check out some of the collection’s photos here!

Fair Enough Runway Show

Fair Enough is a Japanese brand that appeared in the lineup for Day 1 of 2024 NYFW runway show lineup. Then, the brand showcased a highlight in their collection: pathwork. Patchwork is a design technique that combine fabrics of different shapes, colors, and textures into a cohesive garment. The brand wanted this highlight to draw attention to the beauty of nature and how nature fluctuates throughout time, especially with their fringe pieces. Also, because the collection is surrounding the theme of nature, the brand is staying true to their sustainability goals. Look at of the collection pieces here!

Get Some Sleep Runway Show

Get Some Sleep is a brand that is based around mental health and to help consumers realize they are not alone in their journeys. The theme or rather question for their collection is, “Is it normal to think this much”? Throughout the brand’s collection, some of the pieces were titled with a question such as, “What if it’s wonderful”? Another overarching theme that was present is “Overthinking”. The brand decided to celebrate this concept by using bold primary colors, heavy knitted garments, and gradients to show organized chaos. Overall, the collection is a celebration of the brand’s effort to its mission and for audiences to learn about how to use experimental clothing to portray one’s vision. Look at more photos of this collection here!

Stef Mouchie’s Runway Show

Stef Mouchie is a brand that focuses on how to portray the modern woman in different ways. For this collection, Ethan Wingate, a designer at Stef Mouchie, combines innovation with versatility by using bold fashion designs and high-fashion elements. The collection is following the brand’s sustainability mission by using metal loops in some of the pieces. Another highlight of this collection is the variety of silhouettes that use traditional elements of past women clothing with today’s standards. Therefore, check out more of the collection pieces here!

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Featured Image by Global Fashion Collective

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