Formula 1 Racing Revves Up Fashion’s Engine

Formula 1 Racing Revves Up Fashion’s Engine

Formula One, often abbreviated as Formula 1 or F1, is recognized worldwide as being the highest class of international racing, as well as for its cutting-edge technology. Certain aspects of F1 have held a moderate influence on aspects of fashion such as street style or pop culture in years past. But the heightened nationwide interest and captivation in all facets to do with F1 have only accelerated its merger with the fashion industry.

The catalyst to F1’s mainstream popularity in the media can be primarily attributed to the television documentary series, Formula 1: Drive to Survive initially released in March 2019. But the series arguably hit its peak following the series’ season 5 premiere last February, and this momentum only accelerated amid the sixth season’s release in February of this year. The series was a bonafide hit with views and piqued the interest of viewers of all ages. Viewers were not only intrigued by the racing aspect, but wanted to know more about the driver’s themselves – including what they were wearing.


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F1 no longer simply showcases automotive excellence, but has also acted as a platform for its drivers individuality and personal style. The personal styles differ from one driver to the next, as some tend to be on the casual side while others are keen on taking risks. British race car driver Sir Lewis Hamilton is a fitting example of this, as he has been known to sport quite fashionable streetwear looks. Hamilton’s willingness to display his fashion sense is not surprising, as he collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger on a collection in 2018. George Russell is yet another British race car driver who’s been distinguished for his sense of style. Russell’s sense of style tends to be rather understated; it’s very much synonymous with the “old money” look which is classic and polished.

Sports vehicles have historically been associated with a sense of high-class, glamour, and luxury, which is still pertinent now. Italian luxury sports manufacturer Ferrari is a company which has particularly bridged the gap between the sports and fashion worlds in expanding their product assortment. . Automotive luxury is Ferrari’s crown and glory, which was their stepping stone to success in the fashion sector. Ferrari’s F1 racing team wears the company’s trademark “Rosso Fiorano” or Red on their tracksuits, and they’ve also started partnering with influencers to wear clothing and accessories from their ready-to-wear collection. The Fall 2024 ready-to-wear collection was the brand’s most recent showing in Milan, with the likes of Irina Shayk showcasing their work. Many other F1 teams have partnerships with luxury brands, as the latter has seen the mutual benefits of association with such an evolving audience.

Many other F1 teams have partnerships with luxury brands, as the latter has seen the mutual benefits of association with such an evolving audience. F1 drivers often keep track of brands advertised on racing suits and the cars themselves, as the bigger the logo – the more they pay. Drivers are influenced to wear pieces of the team’s sponsors typically on training and testing days which are likely to be photographed for the masses.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix took place in November of last year, attracting some of Hollywood’s biggest names to the motor racing event. Shakira, Paris Hilton, and Justin Bieber were in attendance as the weekend-long events unraveled; Cara Delevinge as well as David Beckham and two of his sons were also spotted. Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s appearance turned heads in particular, as they’re renowned for their senses of style. The grammy-winning singer and makeup-mogul sported a two-toned leather jacket by Balenciaga and wrap-around black visor sunglasses, which are similar to looks seen worn by many Formula 1 attendees. ASAP Rocky went for a more understated ensemble, thought notably sported a pair of gloves from his PUMA x F1 collection.

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