Fashion Speaks More Than Wardrobe, but Social Change Too

Fashion Speaks More Than Wardrobe, but Social Change Too

Social Issues Are Global In The Fashion Industry

By: ZaNaria Bowens

July 7, 21

In the Fashion world, from The Fashion Global Agenda, creatives believe it is their responsibility to capitalize on the social inquiries in today’s society. Businesses have the power to maximize creating change and bridging the gap for minorities and individuals globally facing anti-racist and anti-discriminatory.


Change From Brands On Social Issues

From Econsultancy, Millennials and Generation Z ensure their favorite brands are making social change and advocating behind what matters (Gilliland,Nikki Gilliland Econsultancy).

Recapping, Nike made a significant impact with their consumers supporting Colin Kaepernick during the awakening of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Kaepernick was placed in a vulnerable situation being removed from the National Football League in 2019. Taking a knee during the National Anthem, led to 2020 advocating for George Floyd against police brutality and racial injustice seen globally.

(Colin Kaepernick 2019 Face of Nike)

Nike’s support for Kaepernick ran an endorsement deal. Despite removal from the NFL, Nike still made it their priority to support his stance and the entire nation advocating for social change. His endorsement made him the face of Nike during the marketing campaign for the 30th anniversary of “Just Do It.”

Millennials and Gen Z are demanding that the culture be heard, accepted, and influenced while changing the way things are in today’s society. Consumers are doing more than buying the products, but are looking for those companies to support them the same way Nike would. Nike stood ten toes behind Kapernick, George Floyd, and millions who suffer from racial injustice and discrimination.

Gen Z and Millennials Speak

The thriving generations are redefining the old ways of shopping and what it means to be a consumer. Doing so by pressing challenging issues as they reflect into the world. Gen Z and Millennials expect total fashion and brands to have the ultimate experience, making things personal-inviting room for collabs, having authenticity- being aware of the imperfections, and being mobile- serving consumers through all social platforms.

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