What You Need in Your Closet for Summer 2020

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The past Saturday’s summer solstice marks the official arrival of summer. As the weather starts to heat up, it’s crucial to rearrange your closet. Here are some key items for your closet that will bring you a cool breeze and make you immediately stand out in the crowd, while staying on trend for summer 2020.

1. Bermuda Shorts

Think less about hot shorts, Bermudas are a better choice. Fitted loosely, cut around the knee, they are casual with a boyish appeal. Not only are Bermudas gaining popularity as street-wear, fashion designers are also replacing suiting trousers with Bermudas for a smart casual look.



Max Mara

2. Something with Cut-outs

A negative space placed either on the side seam, the back or right above the chest can elevate a simple garment and add in a dash of sexiness effortlessly.

As seen in Alice+Oliver and For Love & Lemons

3. Baby Doll Dress

No one can resist a girly, comfortable baby doll. Most baby dolls have an A-line silhouette, friendly to most body shapes. Puffed sleeves can add dimension and makes the whole look playful. Although sorbet color palettes are trending this season, printed baby dolls are also a good choice.

As seen in For Love & Lemons and Urban Outfitters

4. Wrapped Ankle Sandals

Those sandals remind me of going on a vacation with a lazy relaxed vibe, you can tie them in a lot of creative ways. Want to be more edgy? Tie the cords around the hem of your pants.

As seen in Raid and MANGO

5. Bralette Tops

Been lounging at home during quarantine in your bralette the entire time? No worries, time to bring the bralette on the streets. Bralette inspired tops are one of the hottest trends on the runway, it straight-forwardly speaks bold sexiness. What’s better? A matching bottom and a cool looking jacket.

As seen in Fleur du Mal & Versace

6. Something Gingham

Gingham is a classic element; it never goes out of style. You need to have at least one Gingham printed garment in your closet, may it be a shirt, dress or skirt. Try out vibrant colors for the summer such as yellow, blue or pink.




7. Bucket Hat

Bucket hats have been a streetwear favorite for a long time. Anyone can find a bucket hat that suits their aesthetic because there are so many options: monotone, prints, neon……

As seen in For Love & Lemons and W Concept 

8. Baguette Bag

Those slim, vintage looking bags have been on trend for a while. I personally like that they are small enough yet can carry everything essential. A baguette bag in lavender purple or lime green adds a cool breeze to a summer outfit.

As seen in MANGO and Apede Mod


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What You Need in Your Closet for Summer 2020