DyMe-A-DuZiN: Music Speaking Into Fashion

DyMe-A-DuZiN: Music Speaking Into Fashion

Artist DyMe-A-DuZiN has been making a lot of moves in the music industry over the past few years. This past month he decided to show us another side to him, his fashion sense.
Photographer: Victoria Lewis @veedotk
Fashion direction: Daniel Williams @dannystylez1
Model: Dyme A Duzin @dymeaduzin


Look 1:

Beaded hooded jacket: Camouflaged
Cropped Biker pants:
Sneakers: vans
Sunglasses: Vuliwear
Look 2:
Oversized button up: Nueque(@nueque_kr)
Pin striped navy pants: Miranda Kurtishi (@miranda_kurtishi_menswear)
Sneakers: Vans
Look 3:
Suit: Hiromi Asai(@hiromi.asai)
Sneakers: Vans


Look 4:
Pink/black Bomber: WeDo

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