Designer: Danielle Chandler

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Written By: Asheea Smith

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with New York based fashion designer Danielle Chandler. This rising star–who enjoys all things fun, funny and bazaar–created a collection that has graced Ellements Magazine, walked the 2017 Future of Fashion Show and is currently featured on NJAL (Not Just a Label). Chandler aims for her designs to be the breath of fresh air we all need. “Today’s climate can be so negative,” she says. “We still need to find time to enjoy the small things.” Although her designs are no small thing, this is the thought process behind her signature aesthetic. Polished, whimsical, and graphic with a touch of femininity. These innovative garments were created to inspire.

Danielle Chandler

Her journey started as a little girl, obsessed with art. “I was always a creative child. I was never into sports–I was always drawing! My grandmother taught me how to sew and it stuck. Also, my parents were very supportive.” Danielle has lived in Singapore, Italy and Australia and has expressed that continuing to live abroad is one of her goals. “Culture, fashion and the overall attitude toward fashion is different all over the world. I would like to experience more of that, and incorporate it into my art.” The Garnette Report was lucky enough to get the scoop on her collection Linear Optics. Bubbling with curiosity, I was dying to know how she came up with the title of her collection. “A single object from different perspectives can create a new illusion. 3-D forms and structures combined with the proper lighting and angles can result in a whole new look.” And it has! The collection features satin, ribbons layered over organdy, leather, wool and shirting constructed to create architectural lines. The collection is called Linear Optics, but texture certainly was not forgotten.

Danielle Chandler

“I would describe my aesthetic as polished, whimsical, and graphic, with a touch of femininity”

– Danielle Chandler


Danielle Chandler

“Unlike a sculpture or a painting, fashion is interactive art. I want to continue to explore crazy and eccentric fashion that is fun to look at–and fun to wear! Just something so unconventional and amazing that you’re dying to be in it!”

Well, hello? We do want to be in it! Although Danielle’s Linear Optics collection is not for sale, you can contact her now for special orders. Don’t miss out on her work! Danielle Chandler is taking style, art and creativity to the next level.


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