DeAndre Hopkins: Best Dressed Athlete of 2020

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Written by Kylie Rau

January 7th, 2021

Source: Instagram/@deandrehopkins

After another year of dazzling fashion statements, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has taken the trophy for the 2020 Sports Illustrated Best Dressed Athlete of the Year. This award showcases an athlete that turns heads off the field with their unique and bold fashion sense and looks to award an athlete that embodies a passion for fashion through what they wear, where they wear it and how they wear it. Hopkins does just this, taking full advantage of the audience he can broadcast his pregame style to. 

Source: Instagram/@deandrehopkins

Hopkins went head to head for the Sports Illustrated award against other star athletes including Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., Washington Wizards point guard Russell Westbrook and Phoenix Mercury guard Skylar Diggins-Smith, all of whom have made bold fashion statements throughout their careers as professional athletes. Beckham Jr. has a distinct fashion sense, which was most clearly displayed through the designer kilt that he wore to the 2019 Met Gala. Westbrook and Diggins-Smith have also made bold fashion statements, both constantly sporting bright colors and patterns in their pregame outfits, but ultimately Hopkins took the win.

Source: Instagram/@obj

In 2019 Hopkins told GQ magazine that he dreams of starting his own clothing line one day, as he has had an eye for fashion since his childhood, which he attributes to his parents’ stylish nature. Something that stood out in the process of selecting Hopkins as the Best Dressed Athlete of the Year was his combination of designer pieces with casual pieces, something that is not always done with the same confidence that Hopkins has. 

Source: Instagram/@deandrehopkins

Not only has Hopkins turned heads off the field, but he has turned heads on the field with his incredible performance this season with the Cardinals. In 16 games played during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the 6’1 receiver posted 115 receptions for 1,407 yards and 6 touchdowns. 

DeAndre Hopkins continues to make his impact in the world of sports and the world of fashion, and his unique and confident style projects him into the spotlight. 

Source: Instagram/@deandrehopkins


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